GTA V PSN Pre-Orders Facing Installation And Unlocking Issues

"PlayStation fans have taken to the official community forums to air their grievances over the issues plaguing the PSN launch. Firstly, as we reported a few days ago, the pre-load time was moved back a few days. Now, however, it appears some people can’t install the title and others are getting an “unavailable before start date” message."

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US8F1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

this is despicable, the one area I hate Sony the most.,Everytime a big title releases, a crappy thing like that happens and they never have a justifiable excuse for it.

B-radical1793d ago

There online services for ps4 should be fixed........if i was r* though i would be furious because of the sony network a whole bunch of game details leaked now this

Next gen they should have all these problems fixed tho

PeaSFor1793d ago

went flawless for me, i downloaded it near 12:30am(east) and i was downloading at nearly 3mb/sec, installed like a charm and also played like a charm.

FamilyGuy1793d ago

You know something I haven't heard about for this upcoming gen that was a big bragging point at the start of last gen?

At the start, or rather before the start, Sony had a new encryption that they were extremely confident in that even worked well at preventing piracy of PS3 games for a few years into the PS3s life. What I haven't heard about this gen is how they intend to protect against piracy on the PS4.

I mean they've bound to have come up with some new technique or stronger encryption. I guess it's just not a big talking point this time, or maybe they don't want to brag like last time to where hackers felt like they were being challenged to break in.

Eh, just a random thought.
They're going to have to have a way to protect these day one, pre-loaded digital titles from being downloaded on the PS4 too. I think not allowing games to be installed on external HDDs is part of it but what else are they doing?

Blaze9291793d ago

Why would they talk about piracy? Even the littlest of words, can help hackers succeed. They don't want anyone getting information in piracy security.

Althoughy lettucebereal, XB1 should be hacked within the first few month lol. Windows kernels? Oh you shouldn't have

Gamer19821793d ago

despicable? not really.. Sony updates the store once a week usually and twice if a big release is out like this XBL is no different. See unlike the web as we know it and platforms like STEAM they have to physically unlock copies by sending commands down there infrastructure. This is to stop piracy etc.. There's always a few bumps in the road and nearly every major release on every console has them. I remember the Halo 3 killing 360s incident that went epidemic as that's when we first started to see things like RROD go nuclear.

No manufacturer is perfect, each have issues, XBL is slightly better infrastructure why? it's been around long it's as simple as that.. Remember live on XBOX? It wasn't that great... Even early Live on 360s wasn't up to the standard it is now. PSN on the other hand might lack behind online as they havn't been around as long in that department but they make up for it in hardware as Sony has been making hardware since the 80s so know how to make a good piece of kit.

To hate a company for this minor thing though is a joke.. People really need to come to PC if they have issues like this theres so much choice you needn't ever have to worry.

DOMination-1793d ago

Halo 3 didn't kill xboxes. Its just so many people played it, it seemed that way. Wait a few days and we will see similar stories for gta5.

LackTrue4K1793d ago

There must be a huge amount of traffic!! :)

FamilyGuy1793d ago

I suppose this is just one of the possible draw backs to day one digital titles. Hiccups like these. Sucks for those affected.

Downloading day one

There's a lot of chances for something to go wrong when you've got a bunch of anxious gamers all trying to do something at the same time. Hopefully things like this will be a lesson learned to prevent future problems though.

Rainstorm811793d ago

Everytime? Like what games?

I'm a psn user and I buy digitally.....honestly things like this are rare. I preordered GTA V and my main problem was it didn't show up on the store at 1201....which is minor

I downloaded and installed the game with no problem at 100am

savaroth1793d ago

Well There were a LOT of Final Fantasy XIV issues with the PSN release. Eurozone only if I recall

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beepbopadoobop1793d ago

That really sucks, I always prefer to have the disc instead of a digital copy.

They should offer some partial refund at least, they offered a pre order service and didnt follow through for these people, I know id be making an angry phone call if it were me.

1793d ago
sephiroth4201793d ago

glad i didnt choose to get it off there, im gonna wait till theres an offer on at a game shop where you have to trade something in to get it alot cheaper, i reakon grid 2 will be one of the games for trade. this has confirmed for me that im not going to ever preorder a title off psn.

Rainstorm811793d ago

It is now...I was just in GS and they have a new deal where you trade in two SELECTED titles and get any new game for 10$.

Not sure what games are on the list though

sephiroth4201793d ago

thanks for letting me know, ill check the website before i head off xD

MrDead1793d ago

I'm having problems playing GTAV on my PS3, the f*****g post hasn't been delivered yet!!

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