In-depth Review: Diablo III - Electronic Theatre

Finally arriving on consoles more than a year after the original PC release, Diablo III has a great reputation to uphold. More than twelve million sales already under its belt and enough acclaim to make even the biggest entertainment properties blush, Diablo III may well have already done more than enough to be considered an overwhelming success, but despite the long running rumours and reluctance to commit to a console release, it was clearly always part of Blizzard Entertainment’s plan. Now that it’s here, it’s easy to see why.

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SythMoi1707d ago

Besides the heading being misleading - it is a review based on the PS3. mathsman not bad but to be honest it didn't finish the article and I dig my PS games.

mathsman1707d ago

Thanks for the response SythMoi, but I'm a little confused! What's the problem with the headline? Also, I didn't write it, but thanks for thinking I did. :)