New Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Screenshots and Trailer Turn The Ladies into Schoolgirls (and Teachers)

Koei Tecmo just released a new batch of screenshots and trailer featuring the latest pack of DLC costumes to be released on Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

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Animal Mutha 761711d ago

Seriously? WTF is it with Japan and schoolgirls?

Viper71711d ago

Uniform fetish is pretty common in the west as well.

Animal Mutha 761711d ago

Oh sure but not in the same league as Japan. Our media isn't full of buxom barely legal schoolgirls, or girls getting molested on trains.

Viper71710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

The Keyword is "Teen" and the porn industry in US is far bigger than it's in Japan. Meaning there's plenty of that kind of content.

But whats wrong with that kind of content? There's even some females that dig that kind of content.

But yes in Japan and in some parts of the Europe, violence isn't gratified and Sex frowned upon like in the US.

pompombrum1711d ago

DLC for the ultimate edition.. what next, ultimate ultimate edition? Keep milking milking milking.

persona4chie1710d ago

So basically at this point team ninja has officially given up on the male characters