Gaming Season has begun

Beginning in September every year, the most exciting time for gamers begins. Gaming Season! You might be asking: “What is gaming season?” Well we will tell you, my unenlightened friend.

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GarrusVakarian1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I love this time of the year, after the long summer drought.

abradley1797d ago

To be honest, I'm dreading it.

Though we run AGR as a small team of passionate geeks and gamers, we only have so much spare time to put towards our favourite hobbies.

This time of the year is my dreaded nightmare because of the huge surge of fantastic games all coming out in quick succession. What makes things worse is the next gen hitting at the same time.

So, good for sales, good for gamers with huge amounts of time on there hands, awful for us poor adults who have 9-5 jobs and a website to run.

Enjoy your gaming time while it lasts.

fsfsxii1797d ago

Meh, gaming season ends whenever this garbage comes out (AC, COD and the likes)

abradley1797d ago

I agree with COD, though AC has been good over the years. Could probably do with a year or two gap though.

Just think of some of the other great games, Watch Dogs, Beyond Two Souls, Metal Gear Solid 5, Knack, Spark. Has to be something your looking forward too?

fsfsxii1797d ago

Nope, ever since i beat Persona 3, i lost all interest in gaming as a whole.

abradley1797d ago

Well fsfsxii, I'm sorry to hear that. Guess you have plenty of time to try something new though, always a bright side to everything.