'Grand Theft Auto V' midnight release party

A first hand account of the midnight release of 'Grand Theft Auto V'. The game became available for purchase at retailers on September 17 starting at midnight. Gamers gathered at retailers like Gamstop to be the first to get the most anticipated game of the year.

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ZBlacktt1711d ago

The last time I ever did that was for Red Dead Redemption. One of the best single player games ever. Also by RockStar.

GrandpaSnake1710d ago

ok, this is cool in all but you guys need to come down to san diego. For BO2 one of the managers at gamestop is a very close friend of mine and asked some local dj's to come down and make a small event out of it(small set up), he actually drags the console booths outside and has The demos for the game that is about to release. not only that he buys like 5 large pizzas and a bunch of waters and sodas to keep everyone happy during and after the release. If you dont get any pizza their is a taco shop 10 feet away were he talks to the owners and eveRytime theirs a large event theY put their 2.00 tacos for 1.00$ also if its an fps a tournament will take place forthe new game from a small local company who throws tournaments and brings monitors and consoles/controllers. i bet you guys would get some hits and have more pictures to show off.