Kojima preparing for TGS, and doing some voice over work

Kojima shared a bit of information on his Twitter regarding the Tokyo Game Show presentation of Metal Gear Solid V. In addition, some photos of another voice recording session appeared, with Kojima himself being the one behind the microphone.

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Batzi1832d ago

So Korekado is playing again on TGS's eve in front of the European press. I wonder how this will go. I assume by TGS eve he means the night of the 18th in Japan.

THamm1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Yeah they gotta get it together. I can't wait personally. I still hope Ground Zeroes is out before years end Kojima is a hard worker and into games, so he'll make it right

Chapter111832d ago

I knew it. The David Hayter/Kiefer Sutherland thing was all a ruse! Kojima himself will do the English voice of Big Boss, mark my words.