WoW Graphics Will Blow You Away in Wrath of the Lich King

Blizzard have spoken up on the reuse and re-colouring of models for their latest patch, Fury of the Sunwell (Patch 2.4), and also mentioned that all designers are working on Wrath of the Lich king. The new graphics in the expansion will also be "far and beyond" any previous visual experiences.

This becomes extremely interesting in the light of the Burning Crusade model upgrades, even if they were relatively small, and the reworking of ALL character models (even if it was only noticeable on the Human females)...

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Leord3895d ago

While it's apparent that there will be improvements made, I am wondering if we really can be SO impressed. I mean, who haven't played Crysis?

Silellak3895d ago

Maybe they mean it will impress people who only play WoW and nothing else? Or at least haven't seen a new game (or the sun) in a few years?

Leord3895d ago

Could be... Still, they might be raising the bar on a grander scope, and making the over-all experience feeling quite overwhelming. For being a non-loading game (at least on a single continent), it is rather big, and the "meta-experience" does mean for something.

Still, I'm not sure such an advanced idea is what he meant...

gta_cb3895d ago

the only game i really play on PC is WoW so i havnt played Crysis =p i know that with my graphics card being the X800 GTO if i was to install Crysis that it wouldnt impress me so i never tried it.

Montrealien3894d ago

We are comparing a Rolls Royce Silver ghost with an Enzo. Crysis can only Dream of being more artistcally beautifull then WoW. And i`m sure that they will push the artistic envoloppe in the next expantion like they did with Burning Crusade.

YOu have to look at wow from a different perspective, it is all about what they do with what they got and damn is it beautifull. Crysis may have 256 color crayons to WoW`s 36 but it is all about what you draw with those crayons kids. And Blizz are masters of this...

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Farsendor13895d ago

does that mean higher system requirements?

Leord3895d ago

It would probably mean higher system requirements for playing WotLK at least.

Can't really be anyone that is remotely interested in PC games that has a PC older than 5-7 years by now? I can't see what's so bad with increased system requirements tbh.

Farsendor13895d ago

well my graphics card is a 7300gs and i don't want to upgrade thats why i got a ps3.

gta_cb3895d ago

your 7300gs should be able to handle this expansion, if not then you can buy an up to date 8600 or 8800 for £80-£120 not to bad to be honest, oh and thats UK money so nearly double for people in the US

Garrison3895d ago

As long as they don't upgrade the systems requirements. I have just a 3 year old pc and thats enough to have bought a single core x800xl pc. PC just evolve too damn quick man.

Lotto3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Thats what PC gaming is all about. Evolving

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