AMD Talks Next Generation Hawaii GPU – Features 28nm Core, 30% Smaller Die Than GK110

AMD’s Corporate Vice President and General manager for graphics department, Matt Skynner has detailed their next generation Hawaii GPU in an exclusive interview with Forbes. We have known this for some time that AMD is preparing their Volcanic Islands family including the next generation Hawaii GPU which would be announced in Hawaii later this month and would hit retail availability in Q4 (October 2013).

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hiredhelp1829d ago

Yeh im ready ive had great time wirh my 7970 but next gen games gonna get bigger better hopfully better optimised pc ports IF Ports.
Even thoe i like to buy another 7970 crossfire the hawaii gpu very tempting.

windblowsagain1829d ago

I would agree considering PS4/XBONE are AMD GCN, all should be good for AMD owners.

Compute is better on amd chips as well.

ATi_Elite1828d ago


Dude Seriously DUDE! Just buy another HD7970!

*HD7970 CFX is a BEAST! 1600p Ultra settings 60fps ANY GAME!

I said ANY GAME!

*I have 2 HD7970GHZ cards but you can overclock yours ONLY IF you know how!

hiredhelp1828d ago

Yup i know man i have mine overclocked bios 2 yeh work out cheaper time tell man.
Im running on refrence design so if do go CF be after a identical sapphire ref design.

Beastforlifenoob1828d ago

It wouldn't be able to run Crysis 3 at 1600p with 16Xaa and ultra settings with multiple monitors?

But hey even a TITAN couldnt run that....

A CF 7970 is about the same as 1 titan but a titan is 1,000 dosh points. So a 7970 is worth it but amd have bad drivers and CF microstutter problems.

AMD= Great and wont regret purchase
NVIDIA= Great and wont regret purchase

Both are great!!! But yeah 7970 is really, really value for money espec in cf even if there are probdogs

Orpheus1829d ago

The pricing indicates AMD is not opting for the performance crown, AMD too would jack up the price if they had the highest performing single chip GPU, like they did in case of radeon 9700. I guess it will be slightly slower than titan, thus hoping that maxwell will beat it clearly when it arrives.

Oh yeah I'm an nVIDIA fanboy , always been.

hiredhelp1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Dam you know its kinda funny
you have consoles gamers clashing at pc gamers
then you have pc gamers clashing at each other on what is better AMD or Nvidia lol.
Oh Yeh im a PC gamer and ive owned both makers right way back to the VOODOO Days.
Curruntly running 7970 before that was a gtx 560 sli got fedup TDR.

EximiusNebula1828d ago

Don't forget Windows vs OS X vs Linux

WarThunder1828d ago

AMD makes the best price/performance GPUs!

wtopez1828d ago

Oh PC. The decadence. I'm looking to upgrade my 660 ti and if there's a Titan level performer @ around $500 on AMD's catalog (plus that Never Settle bundle with BF4) I might be jumping in with both feet this Q4.

Beastforlifenoob1828d ago

The 9970 wont be TITAN level. It will be under a 780 (bya bout 15%) But it will be a lot cheaper and crossfiring that badboy would rape a titan with a pointy shotgun

1nsomniac1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

As always though, the hardware is useless without decent software.

Until AMD start releasing decent drivers I'll stick with Nvidia even if they were weaker specced.

Plus I've never had a decent ATI card that's lasted longer than a year before showing regular reoccurring artefacts.

jeffgoldwin1828d ago

Um dude, NVidia specs are always stronger. u gotta exhale on that pipe.

Amd has the better price, NVidia better drivers and performance. Has for years now.

1nsomniac1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I'm not saying they are or ever have been weaker, I'm saying if they 'were' to become weaker I would still stick with Nvidia until AMD sorted out their drivers.

It's all there dude - "even if they were weaker specced", read it again & put the pipe down yourself ;-P

jeffgoldwin1828d ago

O lol, I got served son. Ya yur right I see wut u did there. My bads.

hiredhelp1828d ago

1nsomniac listen i was meant to hit disagree... Why do i keep hearing same old argument if you had amd cards recent years you know not like that anymore.
Ive had overclocked powercolor cards, sapphire refrence cards no issues drivers.

BTW visit nvidia fourums complaints visit amd fourums complaints huge differnce

1nsomniac1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I'm a 31 year old gamer, I've used all kinds of GFX cards since the early 90's from S3's to 3DFX Voodoo's all the way through ATI & Nvidia's.

Without a shadow of doubt Nvidia make the best GFX cards that have ever been to market. I've never touched PowerColour branded cards as they're cheap crap however I have had several Sapphire cards. All of which I had the same inherent issues especially multi coloured artifacting!

The best GFX specific brands I've used in the last few years have been Zotac & KFA, I wouldn't touch the 2 you mentioned & through the last 10 years I've realised to cut my loses & stay well away from ATI/AMD.

Your argument is invalid as almost every single big game that makes it to PC in recent years have all had problems at launch with ATI/AMD cards & drivers & regulary underperform - FarCry 3, Rage, Payday 2, Max Payne 3, Alan Wake. While having no issues with Nvidia. In fact the only game I heard running well or better than Nvidia in recent years was Sleeping dogs but again the Nvidia drivers are always significantly improved upon.

Yes Nvidia are more expensive but there's good reason for that. If you dont want quality, performance & stability then stick with the cheap crap like I used to before I learnt better & swapped ship like many others.

hiredhelp1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Wow where have you been.... Firstly the 2 makes are just some brand names ive used along with , XFX ASUS GIGABYTE and my gtx 560 was a kfa2 oc ex, witch funny enough gave me inherent artifacts was also i suppose to me was cheap £120 generic pieace of beep.
As for powercolor being cheap witch mid range used set me back £170 many new brands started cheap now look at them up with he best of them selling well.
Hell powercolor first to make 7990 refrence they called it the devil Nvidia choose there price not cos quality but because there own Physix nobody else has However with more leaving to Open CL that could be changing as nvidia wasnt first to do physix.
As for games running better go look up do bit more studdying many games ran fine. The ones that had minior issues at launch was because the drivers was made for nvidia first. Hense why the logo on the games. Its yrue fact and tides turning its been a 50/50 game cat and mouse when come to whos brand on the box.
Unfortunatly im useing my last bubble my freind on this topic witch i love but trust me when your calling makers crap cheap that many have had even my freinds your facts doesnt add up.
As for age unfortunatly we all get old im 34 this freindly banter myfreind just difernce of oppinion.

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