Phil Spencer Confirms that Xbox One Will Hit Japan in 2014, Release Date Won't Be Announced at TGS

While it was pretty much to be expected by now, it was never officially announced before today. The Xbox One is going to be released in Japan in 2014, as Head of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer himself confirmed.

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hit10231621d ago

Japan is 2nd or 3rd tier? Who cares...

TomShoe1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

That's ignorant, dismissing millions of people as worthless.

No wonder Xbox can't sell in Japan.

jackanderson19851621d ago

Sony are doing the exact same thing as MS, prioritizing the west as that's where the majority of the software sales occur which is the real money maker for the businesses

insomnium21621d ago

Don't bother MS. XBone is DOA in Japan. You effed up with XBone and if the scale is heavily towards PS4 in USA too there is no chance of XBone succeeding in Japan. Just watch.

xHeavYx1621d ago

Japan will hit right back

cvflyboy1621d ago

you make if seem like people in japan don't deserve to know when they can get their hands on a next gen coslole? "Who cares"? what is so special about you? You will not make a penny off any xbones sold here or in Japan so stop being an a$$

GenericNameHere1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I predict WAY after PS4 Asian launch. Probably September-November 2014. Maybe this time, it will sell 2 (read: TWO) million hardwares! That Kingdom Hearts 3 influence gonna sell an extra 3 Xbone hardwares in Japan!

Nah nah, I just salty that KHIII is coming to the Xbone of all places, but not on the Wii U. *grumble grumble*

Btw, I ain't trolling. Less than 2Mil X360s have been sold in Japan, so 2 Mil Xbones this time around would actually be considered a hit compared to Xbox's past Japanese performance. At least I'm not saying "only 3 people will buy an Xbone"

edgeofsins1621d ago

Why would they even bother with Japan. 360 was a loss there. X1 has far worse ground now. PS3 was more expensive for a long time then the 360 was. 360 was out there earlier. Now not only does the PS4 have much higher expectations then the PS3 did, but it comes out earlier in Japan(most likely), and cheaper. The only thing I think they could market it right is some amazing RPG, not likely, or family friendly titles with Kinect, which can be done on PS4 and its camera and the PS4 is releasing with many family friendly games anyways.

weekev151621d ago

Japan is Nintendo's for the holidays then. I know a lot of people say Japan is second tier but the sales numbers are not far off US or Europe, think this is a mistake from both Sony and MS for not catetring to the market.

Nintendo will be rubbing their hands together that they have their homeland to themselves when they have a strong holiday lineup, I can see WiiU having a good Christmas.

GenericNameHere1621d ago

It seems Europe and Japan go back in forth when it comes to Nintendo's best selling IPs. Europe may get just a few 100K+ than Japan on one game, and vice versa. HOWEVER, it's North America that rakes in the most. Some, NA sales double that of Japan sales, and some are 1-3 million more than Japan sales. Even Zelda doesn't sell much in Japan compared to the US.

SMBU still has sold less than a mil in Japan. There's slightly a few more Wii Us sold since then, but even if Super Mario 3D Land does manage to sell at least 1Mil and sell about 50K Wii U hardware, Japan WON'T save the Wii U. NA will pick up the slack, like they've done most of the time.

Based on sales record, I HIGHLY doubt LoZ HD will sell like hotcakes many seem to think. Even the last two console Zelda games have sold less than a mil each in Japan. Once again, NA will more than likely contribute the most sales.

Knushwood Butt1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Back in reality...

Nintendo do have a chance to shift some Wii U hardware, for sure. Put it another way; they HAVE to. This is the only Christmas the Wii U will have without the PS4 and MS's offering.

Software? You can't sell software without hardware. The Wii U install base in Japan is pretty insignificant. Without a major hardware boost the software isn't going to move.

Then again you have the PS3, with a significant install base and a strong (confirmed) software lineup of GT6, FF Lightning Returns, Shin Gundam Musou, Super Robot Taisen, Shin Sangoku Musou 7...

And let's face it, the big multiplats are going to sell way better on PS3: CoD Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4....

Also, Namco Bandai have clearly lost the plot by releasing the new Taiko no Tatsujin game on the Wii U and not the Wii: they will lose a ton of sales.

King-Prodigy-X1621d ago

I could have sworn they said they were waiting Q4 2014.

pyramidshead1621d ago

Safe to say Sony will still beat them to the punch then lol

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