Creative Grand Theft Auto V Music Video Made

Vultra TV writes:

"Grand Theft Auto V hasn't been out 24 hours yet but that's no reason not to go extreme. Check out this nice Vultra original."

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ProA0071621d ago

That was pretty damn good

Blaze9291621d ago

ha awesome. shouldve been in the game whoever that was. cant wait for GTA Online though - thought he had it for a second. Was about to flip my lid

JasonXE1621d ago

when is it supposed to launch? I didn't know it was separate - only reason I did midnight launch tbh lol. Been busy with school

Blaze9291621d ago

October 1st. Single player is good - you should try that out at least.

AridSpider1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

cant be the only one who thought it was some actual gameplay tutorial for flying planes -___-

still nice i guess however. Video was funny