Gamesradar reviews Emergency Mayhem

Nick Ellis writes:

''Zany. Crazy. Wacky. Madcap. Troublesome words that set our wrongness klaxons a-whining whenever they're used to describe something. They're words you'd associate with the voice-over in trailers for comedies starring teenage 'nerds' who are trying to woo the hot cheerleader. And while we've not actually seen any of these words associated with Emergency Mayhem, they're a perfect fit and no mistake. Mental!

The game has been around since 2005, when it was in the hands of the now defunct Acclaim, and it was probably best left buried in the ruins of that company. But Codemasters deigned to pick it up, and here we are. The premise is that you're in charge of all three emergency services, which are operating in a city that's gone crazier than Tom Cruise. You'll start off in one district and unlock more when you've reduced a 'mayhem' bar to zero within a set time limit. And how do you do this? With difficulty...''

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