PS4 x86 architecture: Mark Cerny reveals the reasons behind it

Ps4 lead system architect, Mark Cerney talks about the reasons why Sony choose this specific x86.

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P0werVR1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Hold UP!

ONLY x86?! WHAAA???

I SERIOUSLY thought they can utilize both.

Holy crapper...


I wonder how they're going to address security issues, IF it ever comes to that. Hopefully for the sake of them it doesn't.

Sy_Wolf1706d ago

Why would you think that?

P0werVR1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )


Well I don't know too much about PS4 design, simply because they haven't released anything relevant. But I'm sure there is a work around x86 to efficiently utilize memory capacity, otherwise it's just retarded to remain ONLY x86.

But Cerny is Lord and only he knows best.

Hicken1706d ago

They've released pretty much EVERYTHING, but none of it was relevant?


NarooN1706d ago

"ONLY x86?! WHAAA???

I SERIOUSLY thought they can utilize both. "

What the hell are you talking about? Using both Power PC *and* x86 at the same time? WTF would be the point?

It's a good thing that they're only using x86/x86-64 right now. Makes it much easier to not only get the games made, but also easier to port them to other systems (XB1, PC) and back with less problems.

gaffyh1706d ago

@PowerVR - I know you're a troll and probably one of greenpowerz multiple accounts, but why in the hell would they use both PowerPC and x86? The whole point is that he wanted to move away from PowerPC because the architecture is more complex. Xbone is the same, both are x86-64 chips.

dantesparda1706d ago

He"s a coward that likes to PM people then block them so they cant respond back, just ignore him, that's what i do.

P0werVR1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )


Yeah, sure buddy!

Posted only once to you and received a comment foaming out the "mouth" with curses. Better to leave it at that than deal with an immature fool like you.



Bro, It's not an issue if your design isn't difficult. Previous generations are x64 bits, so at least IMO it seems it's more of a capacity of not being capable then it is a choice.

We're pretty deep into the x64 bit era where computers are taking advantage of it's power capacities. So for the sake of moving forward if that's the reason, then I say they're going backwards, and for progressing onto 128 bit. Probably why they had to have 15 presentations to convince developers otherwise.

I'm just curious in how they're going to circumvent memory limitations and security issues. Either way Cerny is Lord, right?!

inveni01706d ago


It's x86, but it's a 64-bit processor. There are no memory limitations.

dantesparda1705d ago

If you're responding to me, i cant see your post kid, you're ignored, so dont bother, you'd just be wasting your time. But the fact stands, you're a coward, and dont talk to me til you grow some you know what. Aint my fault you cant take bad words. Grow up guy, its a rough world out there.

dantesparda1705d ago

Oh and if you read this, your magical "scratchpad memory" doesnt seem to like 1080p, think less, ha ha, sucker!

1705d ago
gaffyh1705d ago

@PowerVR - What Inveni0 said. Architecture is x86, but it is a 64-bit chip.

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Magicite1706d ago

That guy is a true inspiration.

JuniorCE1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Thanks Cerny!! This Playstation 4 is more AMERICAN THAN NEVER!

Retroman1706d ago


medziarz1706d ago

so the PS3 with Cell created by IBM and a GPU form NVidia, and an OS based on some Unix system wasn't more American than ever?

Zancruz1706d ago

Honestly, I don't care how the magic happens! As long as I'm happy with the end product, Sony just need to produce some phenomenal games over the next five to six years and it will be money well spent....

insomnium21706d ago

Going by Sony's track record that's not even a tall order honestly. There will be games. More games you have time to play even.

MWong1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Cerny and company took a lot of time and thought with the PS4. Their effort is paying off so far.

I can't wait to see what their big named 1st party studios do though.

There will for sure be games I think for the past 3 generations (PS1, PS2 & PS3) Sony has had the biggest game libraries. Hopefully, we see some real quality titles. I'm sure we will.

Excited2play1706d ago

Mark and Sony have been very open about the whole PS4 process. I find Sony's as well as Mark's attitude quite refreshing.

Like ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day kind of refreshing.

Kaiou1706d ago

The downside to that though is that we will probably see pc Emulators for Xbone/PS4 long before 360 or PS3(if ever).The next several years is gonna be super interesting.

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