Here's how long a bus trip around GTA V's map takes

Today is officially, "Do Nothing Productive And Do Stupid Stuff In GTA V Day", and to celebrate, we did something totally pimp and drove around the whole GTA V map ... in a bus.

How long did it take? About 13 minutes. It took us about 8 minutes in a speedy Coquette sports car.

Can you beat the time set out in the video? Tell us where you stand on the Gangsta-To-Bus-Driver gauge.

Stay round to the very end for a special fully sick burnout.

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1nsomniac1765d ago

The video is strangely amusing for what it is!

slinky1234561765d ago

I was expecting a lot longer actually.

Daves1765d ago

The wheels on the bus go round and round,
round and round,round and round.

The wheels on the bus go round and round,
all day long!

Daves1765d ago

That was the tune they had in the vid :D

Bathyj1765d ago

I think I fall into that category.

Got a speeding ticket on the way to work today. My first instinct when I saw the red and blue lights was to floor it and lose him in an alley. Then I wanted to shoot him and get my money back. Bloody Grand Theft Auto, I'm suing Rockstar.

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