Ryse: Son of Rome runs at Native 900p, but Xbox One upscales all titles to 1080p clarifies Microsoft

Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft has confirmed that Ryse: Son of Rome runs at native 900p but Xbox One upscales the game to 1080p.

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lying_cake1430d ago

1600X900? that's specific

Muerte24941430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

That has to sting a little. But the game looks great none the less. Given the hardware limitations at the moment, Crytek still managed to impress. Microsoft needs to get better optimized drivers for the EsRAM. It's still a good looking game though.


It's far above 720p output and only slightly below 1080p. Developers haven't really gotten a chance to wrap their heads around getting the most out of EsRAM, so unfortunately this is what we can expect ATM.

lying_cake1430d ago

i agree, this is a launch game i will be picking up... but it just seems odd why that resolution and not 720

tuglu_pati1430d ago

Oh my... this thread is going to go places.

ErcsYou1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

MS needs to get their sh!t together and stop posting false information
Very unprofessional.

tuglu_pati1430d ago

@ ErcsYou

What are u complaining about. Didn't they just tell you how it is.

ErcsYou1430d ago


They sure did, but what are they going to say two days from now? Makes you wonder if there is any communication at MS. If there was they would have had their facts straight before posting BS.

Skips1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

So is Forza 5 the only exclusive on Xbone that runs in 1080p right now? But Turn 10 getting it to run in 1080p and 60fps shouldn't be hard with baked lighting and static environments/weather IMO.


"They sure did, but what are they going to say two days from now? Makes you wonder if there is any communication at MS."

Agreed, wouldn't be surprised if we here the same with Halo 5 later down the line. : /

Like Killer Instinct, a basic fighter only running in 720p, after supposedly running in "1080p/6fps", and now this...

EDIT: Not that anyone believed it... I guess this confirms MS has no such "secret sauce" left to reveal that's supposedly hidden in their console. Something not even DEVELOPERS working on EXCLUSIVES know about. lol

I remember someone saying "wait for the end of the month", forgot who it was though... Most people spouting such nonsense, just sorta blended into one giant blob.

badz1491430d ago

900p?? after "confirming" 1080p a couple days back? (link provided by ErcsYou) LOL

not that 900p is bad but do they HAD to lie back then? there will be blood int hhis comment section for sure.

***grab popcorn***

thechosenone1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

And after all the BS they've been talking these last few weeks about how the Xbone and PS4 are neck and neck performance wise and then we get this new little nugget of I hope Gabe/Steam crush the Xbone next gen and finally kick MS out the console business.

|Performance-wise, the target is 30fps, with v-sync engaged

ShwankyShpanky1430d ago

"It's far above 720p output and only slightly below 1080p."

I didn't know "far" and "slightly" were synonyms.


aCasualGamer1430d ago

I still think it's crazy that we're starting a new generation and still.. we don't have 1080p native as standard. I'm kind of confused... In what way is this new gen revolutionary if the games can't even run at 1080p native? Aren't these consoles basically Xbox 360 1.5 and PS3 1.5?

I don't know for sure the res PS4 games will run at natively. But it's still quite the turnoff if Microsoft has to clarify and tell us they only upscale the games to 1080p.

NukaCola1430d ago

This was a 360 title. Thought it would of been a cake walk to run I on the Xbone.

FamilyGuy1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

LOL, I love seeing these things right before they blow up. They're lucky GTA 5 just came out so this won't get as much attention.

It's not even like 900p is so bad, it's just after all the bragging this whole time and then Aarons 1080p twitter post just 2 freakin days ago. And don't go giving him credit for clearing it up, he had to. If he didn't digital foundry would have as soon as they got the game.

It really is best to just keep quiet.


HOLY CRAP!! I didn't even think about that. 180s everywhere! It's almost scary O.O

Aaron just pulled a 180 on his twitter post
the resolution has exactly 180 less vertical lines than what he claimed.

The 3rd console curse is REAL!!!
wait a minute... 3rd console... 3... 3 times the desired 60 frames per second = 180!!!

*In Scooby Doo voice*
I'm g-g-g-gettting outta here!

badz1491430d ago


OMG...the 180 is strong with this ONE! LOLOLOLOL

grassyknoll1430d ago

900p is just over 2/3's of 1080p. That's quite significant.

BitbyDeath1430d ago

This is why Sony haven't guaranteed 1080P/60FPS for their games. Wait til it hits and then confirm, not before.

devwan1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

@Muerte2494 "It's far above 720p output and only slightly below 1080p."

Hey with that kind of statement you're potentially a leading candidate for a senior position on the xbox one PR team.

It's 180 either way...

1080 - 180 = 900
720 + 180 = 900

180... hmm, now why does that number ring a bell...

@grassyknoll "900p is just over 2/3's of 1080p. That's quite significant."

Well it's 5/6ths, it's directly between 2/3rds and the full 1080. 720P is 2/3rds of 1080P.

mikeslemonade1430d ago

Ryse is gonna be a 7.5 meta score game. Move on..

devwan1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

It's interesting to see what the difference is here, between 1080P and 900P and those resolutions at 60fps and 30fps. Some people suggested it's not really that much, but when you add up the amount of pixels being pushed:

1600x900 = 1,440,000 (just under 1.5m pixels)

1920x1080 = 2,073,600 (just over 2m pixels)

Ryse is doing only 3/4 the work the previous claim stated in terms of pure resolution.

When you factor in 900P @ 30fps and 1080P @60fps (although I'm not sure Ryse was ever stated to be 60frames), things look much worse:

1600x900x30 = just over 43m pixels per frame

1920x1080x60 = just over 124m pixels per frame

Every frame, 1600x900x30 is only doing about 1/3rd the work of 1920x1080x60.

"only 180 pixels difference " doesn't begin to tell the story.

black0o1430d ago

Q: since most of the xbone exclusive are doing less then 1080p, what about the malti-plat titles ??

I kinda see why MS didn't show any demos so FaR ... a lot of ppl will get angry on 23rd of Nov

JimmyLmao1430d ago


"It's far above 720p output and only slightly below 1080p."

last time i checked,

1080 - 900 = 180
900 - 720 = 180

And then you can add on the fact that it's framerate isn't even locked at 30fps

pyramidshead1430d ago

Oh boy. After confirming native 1080p. Gotta hope Forza is 1080p native :x.

Wheres frigy? What happened to 2K and 4K gaming aye? :P. Maybe that's a lie too?

jay21430d ago

Erm, No, they've had Dev-kits for 3 years.

Angeljuice1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

" It's far above 720p output and only slightly below 1080p."

Lol, it is EXACTLY half way between the two!


Rose tinted spectacles?

Edit: Sorry JimmyLmao, I jumped on that without reading your reply.

NarooN1430d ago

They need to wrap their heads around the EsRAM? No, what needs to happen is people need to stop thinking that the EsRAM is some magical thing that will boost graphics performance tenfold or something.

Ryse started out as a 360 game, has been in development longer than most other X1 titles, yet they couldn't even get it at 1080p native, even though MS themselves "confirmed" it was 1080p native not too long ago. Come on, they've been lying about a lot of things (as they always do) lately. Can't trust anything they say anymore.

1600x900 isn't bad, but why did they lie and say it was 1080p not too long ago? Smoke and mirrors.

mikeslemonade1430d ago

I think it's unacceptable to have the majority of the games under 1080p this generation. This generation that should be the standard. Arcade games and innovative centric games can be under 1080p but if you are a blockbuster or flagship title you better be 1080p.

dantesparda1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

@ Muerte

1080p is around 30% higher resolution than 900p, so its not that "slight"

And next up is Titanfall, which a guarantee 60fps yet (or even developed by Respawn) (read the last 2 questions)

Edit: I see Dewvan beat me to it, well said man

dantesparda1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Hey Devwan

I just saw your second post and I like where you took it, cuz its technically true, however you did make a mistake, its not "per frame" but per second"

1600x900x30 = just over 43m pixels per sec

1920x1080x60 = just over 124m pixels per sec

Either way, its doing a hell of lot more processing

oops typo on my previous comment, I mean to say
that Titanfall ISNT a guarantee 60fps yet

JokesOnYou1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Well they need to be accurate the first time they speak specifically about things like really its just a stupid mistake on Aaron Greenburgs part. That said this won't take anything away from my enthusiasm for this game, those graphics look superb in action as we've all seen, and everyone with hands on have noted.

vulcanproject1430d ago

I mooted this exact scenario ages ago. I said that devs on Xbox one are probably going to target 1600 X 900 and pixels will be stolen. It's a launch game but expect to see more games like this.

I predicted PS4 would have 1080p versions of games while Xbox one settled for 1600 X 900 more often than not on multi and exclusives just because it's hardware is much more suited to lesser resolutions.

Sony3601430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


It's still better than native 720p.

SilentNegotiator1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

"So is Forza 5 the only exclusive on Xbone that runs in 1080p right now?"

We had racing games LAST gen that were almost 1080p60fps. If Forza is the only game at 1080p on Xbox, I'm not impressed.