Game Genie Cracks GTA V

Cheat Code veterans have successfully modded GTA V hours before release.

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ZBlacktt1768d ago

Man, the game has been leaked, hacked, cracked and spoiled before it even came out. Lets hope the Dev's protect the online part...

Concertoine1766d ago

they better.
not sure how many of you still play red dead, but that game's a shadow of its former self after all these mods came out. the game runs at like 20 frames, people glitching underground, auto aim... ruined my favorite multiplayer.

lying_cake1768d ago

should be fine... they won't be able to patch these mods or the other one's we've been working on

Dark_Overlord1767d ago

Depends really, if they add a secondary layer of encryption and a few checksums in an update, they could quite easily block out the patches ;)

HammadTheBeast1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

What if they put out a whole new detection system alongside GTA online?

lying_cake1767d ago

we took care of the secondary, that's how we were able to mod the money... there was no checksums :)

Dasteru1766d ago

What is the point of this? there are already cheats built into all GTA games with simple button combinations or cell numbers. Game Genie codes would be redundant.