Gran Turismo creator on why he released GT 5: Prologue to begin with, GT Vision and more

The Scandinavian gamesite Gamereactor meet the creator of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi during his recent visit to Denmark to promote Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and got an interview. In this first part of the interview he talks about GT5: Prologue, the Grand Turismo series in the past and into the future, and car damage, among other things.

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Maldread3894d ago

Hehe lol at myself for letting that happen :)

crunchie1013894d ago

hahahahaha, didn't even notice that

Maldread3894d ago

Hehehe i can honestly say i didn`t either ;) If ThaGeNeCySt hadn`t noticed it, this could`ve just gone away quietly too ;)

Too bad i can`t change it now though. Ohh well, at least it brought out a good laugh :)

moveteam3894d ago

Haha, I forgive you with all this Grand Theft Auto hype.

Maldread3894d ago

Hehe yeah, that`s got to be the reason why i typed it wrong ;)

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moveteam3894d ago

We got it!

Anyway it's a great interview, looking forward to part two.

Silellak3894d ago

Why NOT release a prologue version?

The designers get people to pay them to help beta test their game, and the hardcore fans of your franchise get to play the game early if they think it's worth the cost.

Everyone wins.

sonarus3894d ago

exactly no one is forcing anyone to buy the game. If you would rather wait till next yr to play then that is perfectly fine. The prologue is definitely over priced but i know the satisfaction i will gain from it far exceeds 90% of the racing games that are out now and probably for the rest of the yr. But that is just me and that is the reason i am eagerly anticipating its release

misterssippi3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Except for the people who have to then turn around and pay another $60 for the full game, i.e. Everyone. With technology being what it is, why should i have to rebuy the game cuz the greedy companies only sold me a third. Shouldn't I be able to purchase the remainder of the game for download at a discount. After all, its totally possible. But that would be too much like right I guess.
Alot of parents are buying these games and they are uninformed as to the fact that it isn't a full game. Shouldn't they print something on the packaging warning people that this is only a demo and not the full game (like esrb ratings)? Again, too much like right.

Ovidius3894d ago

More money, fix your problems! Why wouldn't you release a prologue? Some games don't need it, but GT has always done this.

P4KY B3894d ago

When you can make an IP that fans love so much they will pay for a demo, then run with it.

I bet there is not a single 360 owner who wouldn't pay for a Gears of War 2 Prologue.

misterssippi3894d ago

I bet Epic wouldn't ask people to buy a game snippet for the price of a full game.
I bet Epic wouldn't ask people to buy a game snippet at all.

okcomputer3894d ago

Huge geow fan here, and I wouldn't pay for a demo of gears of war 2. I'm also a ps3 owner and gt fan, and I'm not paying for a demo of gt either. Its a shame that the sales of prologue are so good, this could lead to a horrible trend of pay to play demos.

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