Gran Turismo 6's audio likely to be patched post-release

Kazunori Yamauchi details specifics on what won't make it at GT6's launch.

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Animal Mutha 761706d ago

This is actually a bit dissapointing. The engine sounds in the game are pants. They have had loads of time to improve this yet they can't get it done for launch?

Also I've been praising the inclusion of day/night in the game vs forza yet it turns out only 3 tracks will have that feature at release.... Interestingly enough the 3 tracks in question are the most sparse in terms of track side detail (all trees) and features so I guess that the relative lack of rendering compared to say Rome allows the processing for day/night.

Even so this seems a bit half arsed. Do the sound PD or don't. Do the time of day PD or don't. No half measures - you have had enough time. I don't want promises or suggestions of features patched in later. That is the definition of unfinished.

You have the opportunity to release the ultimate GT for PS3 and correct the wrongs of GT5. Don't spoil it with standard cars and half implemented features.

Kleptic1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

The PS3 generation and Gran Turismo as a franchise...just confuse the hell out of me...

I mean how does the defacto standard of driving 'sims' (i know its not a true sim, but it was the most popular attempt at it by far)...go through this mess?

the premium vs. standard thing in 2010...ridiculously cruel patches that down right broke certain events (nascar was unbeatable after a certain patch)...horrific engine sounds, at least on most has doesn't have, it has damage...wait, it doesn' sort of does...

its like amateur hour from the team that started the genre for the most part...

and so far, GT6 doesn't seem to be getting it right...I used to love GT games...Its just crazy to me to see this kind of stuff going on...and I'll ALWAYS blame Japan's complete misunderstanding of what the internet is...seems like as soon as PD figured out they could patch stuff whenever, they've run wild with it...all while leaving very basic and simple multiplayer that feels like its for the 90's...

yes the driving feels right...and yes, with the right car on the right track, its absolutely gorgeous...but its not gorgeous all the time with any car...thats the kind of stuff that is so weird...if GT6 is another version with 3 different levels of fidelity layered across it, i'll probably be skipping it...

mcstorm1706d ago

@Kleptic I agree. I loved GT 1 to 4 and GT5 is the reason I got a PS3 but I was disappointed with it the game felt very rushed and very unfinished. I still felt the same after the 2.0 patch too.

I was back then blaming Sony for forcing PD to get it out into the shops early as the PS3 had no exclusive in that xmas run up.

But looking at what's being said about GT5 it just looks like the PD team are trying to do to much with the game. For me they should have a racing game that runs at 60fps at the top of its list, handling 2nd and detail 3rd. then the rest can be adding into the next set of games.

People have and still are going on about Forza not having weather and Night races but they make sure they always get the things in my list right 1st.

I have decided not to get GT6 on day one and ill rent it 1st as I don't fancy paying £40 for a game im not happy with again. I hope PD do manage to get all the issues with 5 sorted out in 6 but hearing things like this are not sounding good for the game but we can hope as I don't want to see PD or the GT name to fall from its greatness.

Kleptic1706d ago

^ yeah, gt5 was mostly a mess...and gt6 doesn't seem to have addressed all of the things that made it that way...

From a design stand point, PD needs some work...there are just too many things that look better on paper than in reality...1100+ cars or whatever sounds awesome...until you realize that only a 3rd of them look right, and about 200 of them are just Honda Civics...

Tracks don't fair much better...London looks photo-realistic...but then others look, literally, like they were lifted right out of the PS2's asset box...

GT5 had absolutely zero quality control, and no consistency...Its the first time in my gaming history i've played one of the hands down best looking games, and one of the worst, simultaneously from a single game disc...gt6 has to fix that...but, my guess is, it won't...the good news will be PD will finally get the message...and hopefully the PS4 entry reboots the franchise back to its glory days...

Dee_911706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I'm just happy they are updating the sound.To say a game is unfinished because its getting updates is completely ignorant and lazy.No game has ever been perfect.The inclusion of updates this gen is a positive, and to be expected considering devs are/ were working on foreign hardware and software, even with that I bet if PS2 gen games were able to get updates they would.
@Kleptic what your saying is some what true,but your making it seem worse than what it actually is,after playing the game this many years I can barely tell the difference between high fidelity tracks and cars and low fidelity ones, until I actually stop and examine them.I hate when people make these extreme comparisons and examples to try to make a point..

Kleptic1706d ago

^I very well may be exaggerating it a bit, but you're trivializing it, too...the reality is the severity of the issue is somewhere in between our two view points...

I simply can't agree with you on the tracks...I guess that is more an issue with how incredible the 'good' tracks are...but still...some of them are absolutely terrible...and the 'procedurally generated' tracks, such as some of the rally events...are 100% a complete joke...especially considering PD was often bragging about this technology before the game released...

And, as far as the patching...I never once tried to imply i dislike the ability for devs to patch a released title...I'm just one that clearly sees this ability gets abused...and that is where i draw the line...the ps3 is nearly 7 years old...GT is a flagship franchise for the brand...and we're being told a 'fix' for atrociously bad and not remotely realistic engine sound (a MAJOR flaw imo, as someone who absolutely loves cars) 'may' be fixed after release...

patching should be for bugs, glitches, etc...updates are great as well, if they add something above and beyond what is considered acceptable for what you initially pay for...

adding completely fundamental 'fixes', post release, for issues that have been complained about for NOT doing it other way to say it...Plenty of titles have problems like this...i guess it bothers me a bit more coming from a pedigree franchise like GT, thats all...

mcstorm1706d ago

Dmarc You really cant tell the difference between the high fidelity tracks and cars and low fidelity ones? Really? There is a big gap between them both. For me this is not the biggest issue though as I can kind of cope with that the issue for me is the drop in frame rate. This should never be done on any racing game as it really messes up the point of the game. Don't get me wrong GT5 is nowhere near the worst Racing game ive ever played but it is by far the worst GT game made by PD. I agree no game is perfect but spec 2.0 has shown that the game was not complete and it was a massive update after 12 months. A game has never had an update like that before and we have not seen one since.

Like I say I think a lot of things went wrong with GT5 and I don't think all the blame is PD's fault I think Sony had a hand in it as well by rushing them to get it out.

I hope GT6 can live up to the Hype Sony are making of it but I am not 100% sure it will with what I am hearing. Like I said im expecting it to be better than GT5 so this is a good start for them to get GT7 back on track for the PS4.

Kleptic1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

^totally agree...I'm not saying GT5 was a terrible game, it just wasn't the best GT game...annoying as it had been 6 years since a proper full GT release...

Its obvious we're all GT fans in here...this isn't a debate about competing franchises...We all read the ridiculous amount of man hours that went in to ever premium car...and in regards to that; GT5 completely stands alone...NO OTHER RACING GAME comes close to the detail put into certain cars...

but for me personally...i'd sacrifice some of that effort rather than having this virtual quality slider put all over the game...some stuff looked incredible, others the complete opposite...where imo it should've just been 'very good' everywhere...

and yeah...the performance was all over the place as well...fog shadowing and volumetric tire smoke effects are fantastic...when they DON'T dip the frame rate into the teens...For me, the formula GT championship was border line unplayable at times...20 laps with competition tight enough that a single mistake means a loss...but getting in a pack of cars at 200+ mph and having the frame rate dip drastically because a single car broke traction...and you're off course...

I played the crap out of it...still do from time to time...and since there is nothing else close on the ps3...i'll take it...but that doesn't mean i've hoped for a lot of issues to be fixed...and we're seeing so far is a possible repeat with 'more content'...which is the opposite of what a lot of fans are looking for...they could strip gt5 down to bare essentials, polish that up, and i think it would be a better offering...but we'll see...

Dee_911706d ago

@mcstorm Where did I say I don't see any differences?There are obvious differences and they were very noticeable when I first played the game but over time, it gets more subtle, due to updates and adjustments on my part.Spec 2.0 came out a year after the game.Im sure if any game got a major update after a year it would make the original seem unfinished.I get your point, GT5 compared to older granturismo feel unfinished but I have to disagree with you, as GT5 offers a lot more than the older Granturismos

I'm curious as to how you think patching a game gets abused?I don't want to wait another year for a game I can enjoy now and get updated within the year.Do you think they should shift their priorities to sounds?If so thats a bit selfish.They can't make something they don't know how to make.. or improve something they can't improve,or what ever prevents them from improving the sounds, and they sure can't do it within a set time frame.What you want isn't possible.There is no right or wrong and there is nothing to define what can and can't be included in an update.That may be your opinion, but this is the reality of it.

Kleptic1706d ago

I agree, its just a difference of opinion, dude...

No, i'm not saying shift priorities to 'sounds'...I'm saying...shift priorities to getting the FUNDAMENTAL aspects of a racing game nailed down FIRST...

GT is a virtual car collector...Most fans want the cars to look great, the cars to drive great, and the cars to SOUND great...and want some gorgeous real world locales to drive the cars on...

All my posts so far in this thread are pointing to that...I'm wishing they get the above right BEFORE just piling on more content, more standard cars that no one cares about, more tracks of questionable detail compared to others, etc...

you're asking for an example of 'patch abuse'...THIS IS ONE...Have you ever been to a formula 1 race?...I have been to several...there aren't words to explain what it feels like to be less than 20 feet from an F1 machine at full song...Other racing games manage to hint at this visceral attack on your senses (not just F1 cars, racing cars in general)...

while GT5's attempt at this, of which includes multiple true to form F1 cars and other machines recreated to the nth degree of detail...sounds more like PD dropped a hornets nest into a metal trash can...covered the lid...and recorded it...

and the abuse shows up when we're told...3 years later...that they haven't got around to making it better...and we're forced to wait for a possible patch to fix this simple problem...Why do you think this article exists? The complaint about engine sound has been around for IS a priority for a lot of fans...and its not being addressed properly...

LiQuiZoN1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I've played all the GTs extensively, had a ps3 since DAY 1 and think you are all out of your minds. GT5 is a great game. Not a PERFECT one.

I love the standard cars! If they took all the standard cars out I would be very upset. Would I like them as Premium? Ofcourse, but I'd rather have them then not have them.

The only Major issue I see with GT5 is the tremendous loading times and that kills the accessiblity of the game.

GT6 day one! and GT7 Day one too!

Dee_911706d ago

I don't think you fully read what I wrote.
1.I wasn't asking for an example I was asking for a reason besides "its wrong". Why is it wrong?
2.I understand thats a fundamental part,but like I said if they don't have the knowledge on how to improve it, what are they suppose to do.Obviously they know its an issue if they are addressing it, and it obvious theres a learning curve if they can't improve it on the fly.

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Blaze9291706d ago

If it aint finished just delay it. What is Sony trying to compete with Forza 5 this holiday? Rather have quality GT PD is known for than this. I agree with everyone, GT5 is where they lost me as a long time fan. Bought the game digitally, mostly for my brother who made GT3 his first racing game. But even he didnt like it

Dee_911706d ago

I'm sorry but delaying a game because of sounds is completely unfair to their fans.Especially the ones who actually enjoy the sounds.

Blaze9291706d ago

"I'm sorry but delaying a game because of sounds is completely unfair to their fans.Especially the ones who actually enjoy the sounds." would be fair to release the game with crappy sounds to their fans - especially the ones who enjoy the sounds o_O? Aaaalright now...that logic.

Me-Time1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Sweeeet. They can add time change to tracks through updates. That's ****ing awesome. They did say that they were going to make updating an easier or better process for GT6. Hopefully, they can do the same to add weather to tracks.

WarThunder1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Hope they improve the sound! Everything else is awesome!

theWB271706d ago

Engine sounds> weather- day/night cycle
2nd installment on the same platform...2 years to work on it...and something as vital as correct engine sounds probably won't make it in. GT5's sound design was terrible...should of been priority 1 or 1a.

If he's possibly working on engine sounds, and says GT7 may release in a year or's not hard to guess he'll be delivering another in the whole game won't be built with only PS4 assets.

People want to rag on Forza for not having weather(GT) or day/night cycle(GT and Driveclub) but at least it's a complete game.

Before people want to say it...Driveclub doesn't have weather.

Forza isn't pre-baked...

SoulSercher6201706d ago

Forza 5 a complete game? Far from it. Turn 10 have come out and said you have to download the rest of the career mode to finish it. That makes absolutely no sense when you're paying $60 for it right off the shelf.

theWB271706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Good call...seeing as how the X1 was originally an online only console it's easy to see they planned their production around having that not be a problem.

So now anyone who comments in favor of X1 is either damage control or PR. There was a reason I was commenting less and less...

IDC how you spin it...Polyphony had 8 years to get engine sounds correct. Turn10 had a complete console reversal within a few months and production was centered around an always online console. So...

Hicken1706d ago

Yeah... no.

The engine sounds are important, but not nearly as important as weather and such.

Priority 1 was handling. Priority 1a was also handling. Priority 1b was likely the graphics.

If the lighting in Forza isn't dynamic- it's not- then it's pre-baked. Just so happens it's now tied directly to texture and/or color.

And come on, those reflections on the hoods of cars? That PERFECT reflection of the world, INCLUDING the road directly in front of the car? That's some lazy shit.

XboxFun1706d ago

Do you or have you even played Forza? For a person who doesn't own and will never own a 360 you sure do have a lot to say about Forza.

Do you ever comment on the complete user customization of the cars in Forza? Have you seen the stunning paint jobs some user's have done and uploaded?

Your whole complaint about Forza only seems to be weather or day/night. That is all you got which leads me to believe you have never played Forza at all. I wonder should I accuse you of this the same way you accuse everyone else of not playing a PS3 game or owning a Vita.

Hicken1706d ago

Yep, played every Forza on the 360 but Horizon. A bit too arcadey for my tastes. Couldn't get a hold on the clutch mechanic, so I didn't use it. As for owning a 360, I wouldn't have bought Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon if I had no intentions of buying a 360.

Yes, I've seen the "complete user customization." It's damn impressive. But it doesn't add to the mechanics of driving. It doesn't change the experience of driving.

Weather and driving at night DO. And it's a staple in virtually every other driving franchise, but something that gets explained- and excused- away in Forza.

The so-called king of racing sims doesn't do what every other sim on the market does? That makes a LOT of sense.

theWB271706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

The only reason engine sounds aren't as important is because it wouldn't fit your argument. Because you couldn't get a handle on the clutch mechanic means it's arcadey. I have both GT and Forza...I can get away with as many arcadey tricks in GT as in Forza.

It's not hard to turn GT into bumper cars..or how about the unrealistic way your car spins out the moment you touch grass. Car tuning options is more important to racing than day/night and who leads in that category? Yeah..Forza. But I'm sure you'll dismiss that even when every racing league has tuning.

"If it isn't dynamic, it's prebaked." That means every single game that doesn't have a cycle has prebaked lighting. We know that isn't true so your argument doesn't hold up here.

Perfect reflections is lazy. But not having a skyline sound distinctly different from a Mclaren is perfectly acceptable? Not having every car be PS3 models after 8 years is acceptable.

The day/night weather options are still for a select amount of tracks. He's implementing handling features that's been in Forza since it's first iteration. Online is LIGHT YEARS behind Forza.

The only thing I got from your reply is it's ok for GT to release the mess that was GT5 because it's Sony related.

But the perfect reflections in Forza is a crime because it's Microsoft.

XboxFun1706d ago


So let me get this straight, you're mad because Forza doesn't offer day/night plus weather options on every track. And yet the control, racing sim, customization and everything else that does make this king is there and has been refined. Not to mention the added features of friend/A.I controlled racing which was explained in another article.

But day/night is the deal breaker eh?

And you have only played Horizon I take it from your comment but nothing else. That right there is truly hilarious beyond explaining.

You sony fanboys sure do love to nit pic and criticize. You are the first to yell that MS fanboys give a free pass to Forza but always overlook the many flaws of GT.

I will love to see your reply to WB as he points out way more CRUCIAL racing elements not found in GT or just now implemented.

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Master of Unlocking1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

@ theWB27 + 16h ago
"Forza isn't pre-baked"??? How dare you say that?!

Right after the article you linked to. How's that for a game that's supposedly not pre-baked?

"Speaking to IGN, Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt revealed that when you first play Forza 5 you'll be asked to log in to the Xbox One to download a set of necessary parts of the game.

"So when you first boot up the game," said Greenawalt, "we’re going to ask you to log in. And when you log in you’re going to get the Drivatars and you’re also going to get a whole bunch of content: tracks and cars."

"This means that the game you buy in stores on the same day you buy the Xbox One won't be the full game - content will have to be downloaded for it to work."

Sorry GT haters, your arguments almost sounded valid to me until I learned about this "little" fact that's never mentioned by all those people who diss GT5/6 and PD. And we're talking about important content that has to be downloaded after the game has been purchased here, not a patch to improve the supposedly lacking engine sounds.

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MajorLazer1706d ago

Seems rushed, like GT5 :( perhaps GT7 will be the full game

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