Sony Confirms Echochrome US Release Date

Game Focus reports: "In the latest Official Playstation Blog, Peter Dille, Senior Vice President, Marketing, hinted that innovative puzzle Echochrome would be released next month in the Americas."

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butterfinger3893d ago

I'm pretty amped for echochrome. The game looks amazing:)

himdeel3893d ago PLEASANTLY SURPRISING!! This is my first time hearing about this game and I REALLY want to play it...I even more excited because my wife would love to play this game with me!!

ikiru33853893d ago

this game looks coooool

Tonys Creed3893d ago

Personally, it's one of the most Innovative, original, unique, creative, unusual, imaginative, artistic games I’ve seen in a while!!!

Superiorrior3893d ago

The japanese store has a demo of echocrome if you guy's wanna check it out, it's definitely worth buying.

addic3893d ago

They also have the full game in the japanese and in the hong kong store (the english version of the game). For about 128HK$ (round about 16$) you can buy the game if your credit card works in the hong kong store.

I bought it yesterday! Its AWESOME!

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