Secret message on back of GTA 5 Collector's Edition map

GrandTheftAutoForever - Verified by photos, there is a secret message on the back of the GTA V Collector's Edition map. Only visible via UV light. This does raise the question of who owns a UV light and why are they viewing the contents of the Collector's Edition with it. It's not as far fetched as it might sound when you see the details.

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PoSTedUP1712d ago

if this is true, i'm starting a new religion with rockstar as the gods.

NarooN1711d ago

All because of a secret message on the back of a map?


PoSTedUP1711d ago

well... because they made the biggest game ever and then the message on the map is directions (like a treasure map) to get $500,000. if that aint the coolest treat on top of the icing on top of the cake in videogaming, idk what is...

omi25p1711d ago

i started that religion a long time ago.

CaptainPunch1712d ago

Reminds me of the movie National Treasure lol

redcar1211712d ago

Dude what u smoking who check their game with a uv light lol

Lykon1711d ago

that's cool . you get some money . and then go to a secluded location and take it up the dirt track and back entrance.