Mighty No. 9 hits another stretch goal, officially coming to consoles

Mighty No. 9 has reached what is arguably the biggest stretch goal for the game's Kickstarter campaign thus far: console versions.

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KonsoruMasuta1827d ago

Glad to see this game is doing good. If only Shantae got some love too.

Vitalogy1827d ago

I agree, but you never know maybe one of these days we get to see it there too @ kickstarter ;)

PS: I'm sad that this game isn't coming to the Vita, it'd be a perfect fit.

lizard812881827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I think Shantae will get funded. According to the KickStarter Tracker, it is ranked #2, with of coarse, Mighty No. 9 Ranked at #1.

I hope it hits Risky Mode. I know Risky will have a larger roll in the new 3ds game, but I want to play as her. Sadly, I doubt it will hit any stretch goals. They all seem cool and would add to the gameplay/replay value, but they are each an extra $100,000 IIRC.

according to the tracker, if things continue, it should hit $686,847 (trending). Also, Mighty No. 9 tweeted about Shantae's KS too (and vise versa).

PopRocks3591827d ago

Was there any doubt about this news lol?

And what KonsoruMasuta said. SUPPORT THE GENIE GIRL TOO!

Blacklash931827d ago

I actually downloaded the original Shantae a few days ago on the 3DS eShop because the Kickstarter interested me in the series. I'm not very far yet and just got past the first "labyrinth" but I'm liking it so far.

PopRocks3591827d ago

Fancy news! It was announced today that Mighty No. 9's team is actually aiding in the development of the new Shantae being funded on Kickstarter! Both Kickstarter campaigns have announced this in their latest updates. :)

_QQ_1827d ago

I will definitely get this on Wiiu, the option to play this on the big screen and off will be great.

Transporter471827d ago

Just hope it reaches the PS4 version.

zeal0us1827d ago

What about the Ouya version? Why no love?

Ol_G1827d ago

Ouya is not a real gameconsole

zeal0us1827d ago

Some people up here can't take a joke.

Making an Ouya version would be a huge waste of money since its only been reported 37% of owners actually brought anything on their Ouya's

AceBlazer131827d ago

Sweet,now I can start backing this.

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The story is too old to be commented.