Star Citizen reaches $19 million and first female character revealed

The funds continue to roll in for the space epic Star Citizen as a new a stretch goal is revealed along with the first female character.

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ATi_Elite1706d ago

Ghee Whiz!!!

Just like 3 days ago I was watching a video of what the Devs were gonna add IF SC reached $17m BUT now they are at $19m.

SC is gonna be EPIC!

starchild1706d ago

This game really does sound very promising. I can't wait.

VaultDweller1706d ago

There's no way this game will meet everyone's expectations.

Roccetarius1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

That's what i've been thinking as well. I haven't funded the game, because i'm cautiously watching what happens.

T21706d ago

They could rehash old wing commander gameplay from 20 years ago and it would still be better than half the games out there ... This game will be epic but wont have a massive following due to fps dominance of this generation

ATi_Elite1705d ago

WRONG!!! FPS only dominates consoles!

Eve Online has been going strong for 10+ years
X series has it's 4th game coming out

Both series are successful and FPS have no effect on them. PC Gamers play more than FPS.

(Looks at avatar oh Total War Rome 2 RTS)

qzp1706d ago

bless kick starter.