[Review] Outlast – an emotionally taxing, stunning good time.

Outlast might just be one of the most anticipated survival horror games of this year. I know that I have been waiting patiently, and now the wait is over as it released on September 4th, 2013 and it is available for download on Steam. Outlast was created and-

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JoeIsMad1590d ago

After watching some of the E3 footage, there's no way that I can play this game. If it's coming to PS4 maybe, but this is going to creep me out too hard to play without a live stream feature. Let other people share in my torment :)

Jacktrauma1590d ago

Looked really solid to me at PAXPrime cant wait to play it

starchild1590d ago

You've got to play it. Honestly some of the best horror gameplay I have experienced. It also looks amazing. The graphics feel so real and that is part of why it sucks you in and scares the hell out of you.

ROQFrost1590d ago

Wish I could even last long enough to play this game... I don't do well with scary games, but it does look great.

JoeIsMad1590d ago

"Wish I could even last long enough to play this game..."

That's what she said!

Sketchy_Galore1590d ago

Come on man, don't make fun. The guy is terminally ill.

Stevefantisy1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

It will be released on the PS4 winter of next year.

Treian1590d ago

Can't wait for this on PS4!

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