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[Review] Outlast – an emotionally taxing, stunning good time.

Outlast might just be one of the most anticipated survival horror games of this year. I know that I have been waiting patiently, and now the wait is over as it released on September 4th, 2013 and it is available for download on Steam. Outlast was created and- (Outlast, PC, Steam, Survival/Horror) 89/100

JoeIsMad  +   713d ago
After watching some of the E3 footage, there's no way that I can play this game. If it's coming to PS4 maybe, but this is going to creep me out too hard to play without a live stream feature. Let other people share in my torment :)
Jacktrauma  +   713d ago
Looked really solid to me at PAXPrime cant wait to play it
starchild  +   713d ago
You've got to play it. Honestly some of the best horror gameplay I have experienced. It also looks amazing. The graphics feel so real and that is part of why it sucks you in and scares the hell out of you.
ROQFrost  +   713d ago
Wish I could even last long enough to play this game... I don't do well with scary games, but it does look great.
JoeIsMad  +   713d ago
"Wish I could even last long enough to play this game..."

That's what she said!
Sketchy_Galore  +   713d ago
Come on man, don't make fun. The guy is terminally ill.
Stevefantisy  +   713d ago
It will be released on the PS4 winter of next year.
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Treian  +   713d ago
Can't wait for this on PS4!
starchild  +   713d ago
I have been playing this for the past few days and it is truly a great horror game. The atmosphere and sense of foreboding that it achieves is quite something.

It's crazy how many good horror games there are on the PC. Amnesia A Machine for Pigs is another one and is also fantastic.
Stevefantisy  +   713d ago
Its true pc has been leading the charge for the survival horror games. With its wider range from 8 bit to almost realistic graphics. This gives them more leeway I'm guessing.
Neonridr  +   712d ago
I finished the game, and needless to say I found it scarier than Amnesia. Possibly due to the fact that it's set in a more realistic environment. But man, that game had some big scares in it. Not to mention there were some crazy chase sequences as well.

Overall a fantastic game and well worth the $20 price tag.
Stevefantisy  +   711d ago
I have not finished it yet because I can only play in short bursts it sets my nerves on edge. I'm an avid survival horror gamer but this game I truly feel stands alone. Its been a very long time where I felt the deep down terror this game gives me. You could be right being the game is set in a more realistic setting and that hits home more than the fantasy of a zombie outbreak or monster attack.
Jacktrauma  +   711d ago
I think that's the real trick with survival horror games now is making it not how realistic is looks, but how realistic it feels. I mean looks help of coarse but if i'm made to believe something in a game that when i'm out in the real world and something that makes me think, "Huh...nah that's just in the game...right?" Then they have done their job and I will stay away from abandoned mental health facilities lol

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