Grand Theft Abstinence

Capsule Computers editor Joe Morgan writes,

"With the launch of, arguably, one of the year’s most anticipated titles mere hours away at the point of this article’s writing, I can’t help but ponder my own personal history with the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It has helped me form a viewpoint of the franchise few will likely take, and that’s just fine."

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nato251740d ago

Cool read, everyones got their own opinions, ill probs be waiting for a bit of a price drop before I pick up GTA V although you cant deny how impressive the games scale is.

Subby1740d ago

I'm in exactly the same boat. Playing as a drug lord/thief with ambitions too big for their own boots turns me off. It's the same reason I can't enjoy flicks like Casino and Godfather.

I played Vice City when I was a bored eventually, put about 20 hours in GTA IV before dropping it from boredom again and I'm probably not going to bother with GTA V.

Running around wreaking havoc isn't my kind of fun these days. Maybe 10 years ago.

Man-E-Faces1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

You're not alone with your mindset.

militissanctus1740d ago

When you play the good guy in everything, it's hard to reconcile your protagonist being a bad guy crime lord

ZacE1740d ago

You're out your mind player, haha.

discordman1740d ago

A different perspective indeed. I would say that everyone has that franchise they just can't relate to. I enjoy mayhem, but GTA isn't quite my cup of tea, though I do enjoy it in small doses.

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