Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit App First Look (WikiGameGuides)

The iFruit app is a companion app for the GTA5 game that allows players to customize their car at Los Santos Customs and play with Franklin's dog in Chop the Dog.

Coming soon for Android and Windows Phones.

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dski10801706d ago

Chop the Dog is an awesome dog. I think he'll be better than the Call of Duty: Ghosts dog

explicitd1706d ago

Also worth noting, your first purchase from Los Santos Customs is on the house.

RobAlmighty1706d ago

Yeah, just to bad he wasted his free one. Could of stolen a great car and pimped that for free.

BluEx6101706d ago

You can get the turbo $16000+ on the house?

CaptainYesterday1706d ago

Silly me I thought this was for the in game phone, damn I don't have an iphone :(

Angels37851706d ago

Android is getting it too shortly

KYU21301706d ago

Heres hoping that they update the app with a copy of the map on it.

RankFTW1706d ago

You can download "Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual" and that has a map on it.

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