ArmA 3 - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Ah, the 'beauty' of Bohemia’s titles. Back in March, we informed you about the performance of ArmA 3's alpha version. As we said back then, Bohemia’s military FPS sim was plagued with lots of CPU performance issues. We were really looking forward to the final build of the game to see whether the Czech studio would be able to optimize it or not. Well, even though the final build of ArmA 3 scales better on multi-cores, it still runs as bad as most of Bohemia’s titles. Moreover, and despite the fact that ArmA 3 relies heavily on the CPU, it does not take full advantage of quad-cores as there are no performance differences between tri-cores and quad-cores."

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ATi_Elite1835d ago

Arma 3 LOOKS better than everything Out right now!

Unfortunately it's being run on one of the WORST Game Engines ever. LMAO.

The A.I. which is DARN Good kills CPU resources and the game uses way too many CPU resources as is which makes for a bad day if you got a low end CPU.

Now that it's OFFICIALLY released Nvidia/AMD should release Drivers to boost performance and Hopefully Bohemia Interactive will do something to make the engine perform better.

Any way Arma III is Gorgeous and an EXCELLENT Game. You're gonna get 300 hours of playing time out of it Guaranteed.

Kleptic1834d ago

but if its cpu bottlenecked, as it seems to be, AMD/Nvidia gpu drivers aren't going to change a thing...

sounds to me a lot like Planet Side 2...PC gaming more and more looks like PS3 development in 2006 and 2007...developers STILL aren't moving forward with parallel processing...PS2 runs on a single core, no matter what cpu you have...yet it has '1000's of players per server' and this and took 7 months of forum users screaming for SOE to finally admit it...and claim some rework of the code is imminent...oddly enough, just in time for the ps4 version...

I really hope this trend disappears soon...Frostbite 3 looks to be one of the best cpu scaling engines so far...and hopefully the multiplayer runs well for any quad core or higher user...but 90% of games still don't effectively use multi-core cpu's very well...