Battlefield 4 Gets a Brand New Trailer Showing Multiplayer Maps, Vehicles and a Lot More

EA DICE just released an action-packed trailer of the upcoming Battlefield 4, this time completely dedicated to multiplayer gameplay.

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yarbie10001526d ago

This was the best Battlefield trailer I've seen in awhile. I am going to be LIVING on this game. Oct 1st is Beta...can not WAIT!!

JoGam1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Can't wait!

Maddens Raiders1525d ago

Wow that trailer was the tits. I take back all the negative things I've said in the past lol. Looks spectacularly awesome!

cvflyboy1525d ago

This is what I am talking about. Can't wait to get this on my ps4. Bf4 and 2k14 is all I need untill infamous comes out.

MWong1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

That trailer was awesome. We got to see new vehicles and new maps. The water and snow maps look amazing I cannot wait to have some vehicle battles on those. BF4 is shaping up to be an awesome game. Just wonder what levolution event will happen on the snow map, maybe a avalanche.

Only thing I wish they did was like in BFBC2 they would allow unlocks to go across the entire class. Example, I unlock the RDS for my M16A4 it will unlock for the SCAR-H. Only reason is I'm a perfectionist and it's going to take forever to unlock every attachment on BF4.

ATi_Elite1525d ago


This trailer was SUPERB! So much action so many explosions.

I need BF4 NOW!

Eonjay1525d ago

The battle between COD and BF is hotter than the console war itself. From where I'm standing, BF is going all out on COD.

ABizzel11525d ago

No it's not.

One game is truly evolving and becoming the FPS game to beat.

The other is making a gas station tumble over...... with dogs and a 8 year old engine.

Lexanth1525d ago

Cannot wait to test it on my PC. :)

awi59511525d ago

Yeah looking at the game right now it looks like the cpu upgrade is all i needed. I should run pretty good on ultra. May turn it down anyway for multiplayer dont want to give someone a fps advantage.

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GiggMan1526d ago

I know right. I'm more of a Flounder person myself.

Arturo841526d ago

ptfff.. Snappers is where its at

Parasyte1525d ago

I don't know...I'm more a Salmon kinda guy.

tuglu_pati1526d ago

I don't think s fair to compare this game with COD. Battle Field is in another level.

GiggMan1526d ago

This along with Killzone is going to make me a happy camper :-)

C-Thunder1526d ago

Awe man, don't be a camper... ;)

IaMs121526d ago

Well between this and the new Breaking Bad episode i watched tonight, i shit myself with the awesomeness...

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The story is too old to be commented.