GTA 5 PS3 gameplay – Trevor’s first 3 missions

OPM: Here’s Trevor’s first 3 GTA 5 missions on PS3, obviously huge gameplay spoilers so you’ve been warned. The first 3 missions for all the main cast’s available if you want to see it as well as the first hour played straight through, so there’s more here if you want it.

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1nsomniac1583d ago

Why are all these PS3 videos showing massive stuttering framerate skipping & the 360 videos look smooth surely this is just bad upload sources!?

Can someone confirm it runs smooth on PS3??

thelaughingwiseman1583d ago

For some reason it is hard to record playthroughs from the PS3. Since the 360 is much more PC like then the ps3 it is much more easier to capture and record. The PS3 can't even be recorded in it's 1080p glory. 360 can get it's 1080p captured though.

Hydrolex1583d ago

I have the PS3 version, playing it now, runs smooth

1nsomniac1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Yep I have it now too, it runs great, just bad uploader posting crap videos I guess.