GTA 5 PS3 gameplay – Franklin’s first 3 missions

OPM: Spoilers obviously, but if you want to see gameplay for Franklin’s first 3 GTA 5 missions on PS3 then here you go.

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JunioRS1011795d ago

I have done an INCREDIBLE job of not looking at anyyy of the leaked stuff this week.

I have seen Rockstar's trailers and Rockstar's screenshots and that's it! I want to jump into the game and be surprised at every turn.

Can't wait til tomorrow!

xPhearR3dx1795d ago

Congrats man. I caved. I couldn't stop myself from watching free roam gameplay. Since no story stuff was spoiled, I'm even more hyped now. Just got to wait another hour and a half and I'm home free.

Shadow Man1795d ago

Damn it no midnight launch in my town!

xPhearR3dx1795d ago

What? How is that possible? Do you live in a town with like 5 other people or something?

ShaunCameron1795d ago

I hope I can get my copy tomorrow after work. I guess if all else fails, there's always the end of the week.