PS4 is The Most Wanted Next-Gen Console in Kuwait

ExtravaGaming Team made a survey to check which of the next-generation consoles (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One) is the most preferred in Kuwait and the result was very clear that the PS4 is the most wanted next-generation console for the people who lived in Kuwait (63% of votes) while the Xbox One got only 5.8% of the vote. We found that the rest want to purchase both of them by 24% of the vote and 7.2% do not want to get any of them in the future.

Check out the summary of the survey which has been taking for the people of Kuwait lately

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Destrania1622d ago

It's the most wanted console everywhere.

MysticStrummer1622d ago

Exactly what I was going to say.

PS4 is Earth's most anticipated console.

BG115791621d ago

Will the PS4 break the PS2's record sales?
It has started pretty well.

chrissx1622d ago

Suprise Suprise....Not

josephayal1622d ago

in kwait,usa,asia and uk

PFFT1622d ago

Most wanted because it can launch nuclear missiles.

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