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Killzone: Mercenary is the latest game in the Killzone series and only the second instalment for a handheld console; however unlike the third-person iteration that was Killzone: Liberation for the PSP, this is another first-person shooter from a series renowned for them… but does it live up to the legacy?

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violentpulse1834d ago

This game is great if you want a portable shooter. Only thing that is bothering me is the frequent lag issues. The game lags on me most of the time that I had to drop mynvita from the frustration im experiencing. But single player was a blast though. Awesome awesome game! 9.5/10

Ferbles1834d ago

I didn't have any issues with lag whilst playing multiplayer at home (my connection is not great either); but I must admit that whilst on holiday when the Vita would connect to PSN on the hotel public network, the game would not even connect to the KZM servers and would quickly time out.

violentpulse1834d ago

And that other thing when I connect to a very stable connection and pretty much owning, for some reason the game suddenly kicks you at the very last seconds of the game. Very very frustrating as you don't gain anything when you're dropped.

ajkula1834d ago

the single player is outstanding on a handheld.
multiplayer is great too but somewhat a bit under that of ps3 killzone games.
right now i'm struggling with the contrats mode!

Ferbles1834d ago

I'm really enjoying the additional contracts objectives; they made me explore each level a little more than my initial play through, which was a bit gung-ho if I'm honest ;-)