An Australian EB Games was store offering free “cocaine” with GTA V pre-orders last night

Stevivor -- "Thanks to Reddit, we’ve been made aware of allegations that an Australian EB Games store was handing out free “cocaine” alongside Grand Theft Auto V pre-orders last night.

The full image, below, was posted to Reddit by user mattwestcott last night."


Yeah, I know that the title's wonky. Changed it from rumour to news and it went a bit silly. :S

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THamm983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

What the Hell!!

XB1_PS4983d ago

Lol apparently it's just sherbet. Still f*cking nuts.

PoSTedUP983d ago

the line musta been out the door.

minimur12983d ago

Imaagine how the conversation started

'Hey boss, do you think we should offer out pretend cocaine when we give away GTA V pre-orders?'

'Yeah mike!! Sounds like a great idea!!!'

FlameHawk983d ago

Even if it is fake, I'm sure you can still get into serious trouble for it, this is just stupid.

ironfist92983d ago

Its EB, what do you expect,.

HammadTheBeast983d ago

Especially in Australia, like games don't get critisized enough there.

colinf438983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

I doubt anyone Is that stupid. This is probably just some employee's horribly thought out idea of a joke.

GABRIEL1030983d ago

this sucks, drugs are for losers !

Dagobert983d ago

Oh man I wish I had come up with that back in middle school when teachers would say that.

T2983d ago

Drug abuse is when u spill it on floor ... You get one punch for that

Muffins1223983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

Weeds not for losers....cocain and other stuff sure but weed?No...

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The story is too old to be commented.