Nolan North on PS4: “I’ve Seen Some Stuff… I Couldn’t Believe it was Gameplay”

Fresh off (well, not too fresh) his starring role as Deadpool in Deadpool, and that other game, Nolan North was present at the recent GameStop Expo in Las Vegas. There, he spoke to GamerHub about how Nathan Drake is the most commonly requested voice from fans, while also answering what he thinks the PS4 would add to a possible future Uncharted game.

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doctorstrange1741d ago

Nolan North is the voice of Troy Baker

xHeavYx1741d ago

Lol, but I think they are both great. I wonder what he has seen though. He is kind of confirming that he is working in something. Damn you Nolan North! Tell more!

MWong1741d ago

Hopes it's a new Uncharted or a new IP.

ABizzel11741d ago

"I’ve seen some stuff… gameplay… that they’re testing for… I don’t remember what game it was but they were doing some testing on the PS4 and I couldn’t believe it was gameplay. I mean, it’s extraordinary technology."

Oh Noland you know what game it was. You've worked on so many games, but if you've seen demos up and running more than likely it was a PlayStation game and more than likely it's either The Last of Us or Uncharted, and seeing how your character met a satisfying end in TLoU, you've seen Uncharted 4 :D

crxss1741d ago

@doctorstrange LMAO that was probably the funniest comment i've read on N4G

ChrisW1740d ago

I swear someone has said something similar to this since the PS1.

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US8F1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Yikes, next generation is going to be a killer. I bet it was from in house studios. Their talent is mind blowing

Ps4Console1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Not in graphics terms more pixels on screen of course but not a huge leap in graphics no ., not like the huge leap we saw with the Ps2 to Ps3 no way but a lot better .

President1741d ago

@leef: this is the biggest leap since games went 3D

-Foxtrot1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

So Troy Baker is just another voice from Nolan North.... after Dead Pool, Nathan Drake, the Adventure Sphere, the Space Sphere, David in the last of us and the Penguin...makes sense :)

Silly Mammo1741d ago

I didn't know he voiced David in The Last of Us. Creepy...

-Foxtrot1741d ago

@Silly Mammo

Me neither when I played it, was a while untill I found out it was him

Thats how good he is if the studios wants him to be...not counting Prince of Persia because Ubisoft actually asked him to do his normal speaking Nathan Drake voice. The guy even said "Do you want me to do an accent or something" and they were apparently like " were good"

allformats1741d ago

My body, my eyes, my palms, my fingers -- they all are ready.

Greatness awaits!!!

3-4-51741d ago

Nolan North is the voice of a lot of people.

Is that just an acting name too, or is it his real name ?

It sounds like a Porn star name.

1nsomniac1741d ago

..and who is Troy Baker?

1nsomniac1741d ago

I'm so confused, I just about know who Nolan North is...

beebap1741d ago

Joel from last of us. Main saints guy. Loads more people almost as many as Nolan

NarooN1741d ago

Troy Baker is Troy Baker, lol. He's a musician, does a LOT of voice acting jobs for video games and anime.

Basically the joke here is that since Nolan North has voiced at least one character in virtually every game released this generation, that "Troy Baker" is another one of his aliases or Troy is a clone, etc. because Troy also does a megaton of voice-overs for games and anime.

Basically they have both done a crapload of work in the industry, lol.

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TrendyGamers1741d ago

Or Troy Baker is a clone of Nolan North to ensure Nolan North gets all the voice acting jobs.

PHOSADRA1741d ago

^ I think you're on to something...

JoGam1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Fun Fact.....Nolan North is the voice of Sackboy. He's everywhere.................... .LOL JK

showtimefolks1741d ago

Uncharted 4 confirmed lol

but on a serious note, can't wait to see what ND,SSM and MM along with many others are working on

kamisama1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I hate u abbizel I haven't gotten to finish tlou yet because my launch 60gig crapped out Damn u and spoilers

Conzul1741d ago

If you must still frequent gaming circles, then ProTIP: CTRL + F "tlou"
That way you'll know if TLoU is talked about and you can avoid it.

CaptainYesterday1741d ago

No no no no you got it all wrong! They were trying to clone Nolan North something happened and Troy Baker was born.

nosferatuzodd1741d ago

Just hearing about what he saw makes me feel like o yah ... the hype level is is over 500,000

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Prcko1741d ago

vga can't come soon enough

DeletedAcc1741d ago

Less than 3 months...

Come on VGA !!!!!! n

MRMagoo1231741d ago

PS4 is going to be blowing ppls minds.

AceBlazer131741d ago

Ps4 can't come soon enough.I'm really interested in what he saw,uncharted 4 maybe?

Summons751741d ago

Maybe Naughty Dog's new generation IP. Love uncharted but I kinda want them to stick to the tradition they have. One new big franchise than maybe a spinoff or new creative IP.

-Foxtrot1741d ago

They don't really have a tradition anymore now that Sony expanded them and spilt them into two teams.

One can work on Uncharted (or another old IP) and the other team can work on a new IP for next gen

Summons751741d ago

Well they still kept it (somewhat) 3 uncharted's but instead of a kart racer they had a second team to make a new IP while they were still hot off Uncharted 2. So still the same just a tiny bit different. I'd rather the Uncharted 2 team (Last of Us team) work on all the main titles and the second team (the ones that kind fumbled uncharted 3) work on the spin off/ new titles.

stuna11741d ago

I still think Naughty Dog should be given the Heavenly Sword IP to work on! Or Sony Santa Monica!

What ever Nolan North has seen, I'm sure it's enough to get the juices flowing, lol.

PS4; It only does multiple orgasms!!!

NateCole1741d ago

There are many possibilities that could happen.

1. Uncharted is now one of Sony's system seller so Sony might want it out by Holiday 2014 to help combat Halo.

2. ND reportedly wanted a break from Uncharted after Uncharted 3 hence they came out with TLOU. As such they might be or might not be refreshed enough to do another Uncharted.

3.ND might sense that a fair amount of their fans want a new or don't mind a new ip and will then infact produce another ip say Savage Starlight.

We shall see.

-Foxtrot1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )


Actually the new team worked on the Last of Us, they were working on it just after Uncharted 3 released or a little while before hand. While the Uncharted team have been left since Uncharted 3.

Best way to know what team is doing what is by Amy Henning, she's the creative director of the Uncharted team and since she wasn't part of the Last of Us team shows you that her team is probably working on Uncharted 4...or maybe even Jak 4 who knows.

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