Battlefield 4: DICE “aware of desire” for Dinosaur mode

Battlefield 4: DICE “aware of desire” for Dinosaur mode

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PixelRob1622d ago

Jesus Christ EA, just make the fucking Dinos will ya?

Summons751622d ago

I can see this being DLC like the Battlefield BC2 Vietnam DLC where it was a completely different game attached to BC2.

3-4-51622d ago

Let's be honest though, it only matters so much.

BF4 being balanced and good = 95%

Dinosaurs = 5%

Bahamut-Shin1622d ago

well, if we look at CoD's zombie mode's popularity, I say do it!! I would love to see dinosaurs running around in those extra large maps.

well, actually I just wanna take down a t-rex with a tank, or pterosaurs witha jet/chopper, anyway my point is there is lot of thing they can do, a hunting match, survival (squad or solo), but that the end that is just what I want.

HammadTheBeast1622d ago


Eventually, patches will kill it, like with BF3.


Prototype_79L1622d ago

Flying a helicopter while an engineer constantly repairs, yeah, that is facking balance.... Not to mention that soflam, stinger and all other AA is still pretty useless, just shit a flare and go away, yeah good balance...

MWong1622d ago

Maybe they should just come out with a new Turok.

Abdou0231622d ago

They can make Zombie like mode, where 6 or 8 prople fight large diousour bosses, in rounds, they could get a vehicle one in a ehile nd the game cycles between the people who can command it.

Gamer19821622d ago

you KNOW its gonna be one of those paid DLCs. Why give the biggest demanded commodity away for free? It's not like a crappy zombies mode or anything.

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-Foxtrot1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Then do it then...jesus

I mean come on a Dinosaur mode for online would be amazing, you could do a lot for it.

- A horde type mode

- A survival mode...last man standing

- Let then get in the way of a normal death match mode

- Hunter Mode

I mean imagine a T-Rex ripping s*** apart with the destruction stuff in this game

GusHasGas1622d ago

I can definitely see a huge Dino DLC pack as the last DLC for BF4 (as a way to keep players interested in the game and also end the game with a bang)

Anyways, please make this happen Dice!

swishersweets200311622d ago

Veitnam expansion would be greater than a stupid fucking dino mode. BF is a war game. Save the cheap gimmicks for COD.

1nsomniac1622d ago

A dinosaur game has never managed to be fully realised due to hardware limitations but with next gen just imagine a proper dinosaur survival game. That could be so far away from any other gaming experience we've ever had, it would be epic!

porkChop1622d ago

No thanks. Vietnam is way overrated. Besides, Dice have already done 2 Vietnam expansions now. We don't need another one.

BaronVonRhett1622d ago

But Dino mode is the perfect thing to show off what Battlefield can do. Large maps, large amounts of massive AI bots, Destruction caused by said bots. Plus, it gives us a great challenge.

f7897901622d ago

You would think after all the money grabs, EA would get the ball rolling on this.

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