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Chinese Retailer Selling Xbox One Components

Apparently some Chinese wholesalers selling replacement casing for Xbox One. It is unclear at this stage whether this is a genuine seller or not but seen as it is listed on the global trade site Alibaba then there is a chance that this could be real. (Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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Prcko  +   370d ago
power brick is huge
Eonjay  +   370d ago
That monster brick is big. I really don't get it but whatever. I have a feeling that it gets very hot and that the reason why its not built in.
XB1_PS4  +   370d ago
If you campare it relative to the plug hole it seems to be about 3"w 2 1/2"h 5-6"l
Jambab  +   370d ago
No surprise really, they are probably all made in China so it is not really surprising that some components have leaked onto the market.
GABRIEL1030  +   370d ago
Alibaba is pure scam, there a lot of thieves there !
ShwankyShpanky  +   370d ago
At least forty thieves, I'd wager.
hollabox  +   370d ago
I wonder if China make good on allowing home consoles sales in certain regions.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   370d ago
I'm ordering a dozen, filling them with old pinball machine parts, and staking a spot outside GS on the 22nd.

sassmannico   370d ago | Spam
BG11579  +   370d ago
Are the chinese angered with MS because there is still no release date for xbone in China and decided to sell the console piece by piece? ^^
ovnipc  +   369d ago
Xbox still using X-Clamps, one of the main reasons for RROD on the xbox 360!! Come on MS didnt learn after 8 years. X clamps lose tightness after couple of years. PS3 had the same problem but had bigger heat sinks. Thats why PS3 had YLOD but took longer to show.
Monkeyonfire13  +   369d ago
GOD that powerbrick! Way to Xbone!
Sharp  +   369d ago
Actually, Alibaba is full of cheaters like this who post "we have this and that" at a time when it's more or less unrealistic to have what they advertise (they are always conveniently lined-up to use new releases to scam money, this is common knowledge in the mainland)

So with Alibaba and these sorts of ads, it's more like 95% scam 5% legit.

That being said, the parts are made mostly in China. So I wouldn't find this impossible, just very unlikely.

One thing is sure, this guy is going down in China after the news.

EDIT: www.gameshining.com appears to be the website and with a quick search they do not have anything related to xbox one on their website. So most likely they know whey will get these parts, but cannot sell them now. Debunked, neeext! :)
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BallsEye  +   369d ago
Fake. Logos are missing. on the box (and then on the box xbox and kinect have no xbox logos)
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