Double Dragon Creator Joins River City Ransom: Underground Team

In their latest Kickstarter campaign update, the Conatus Creative team announced that Yoshihisa Kishimoto (Renegade and Double Dragon) has agreed to join the River City Ransom: Underground project as a creative consultant.

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kefkah1834d ago

Double Dragon and River City Ransom... now those are some names I haven't heard from in a long time. Spent many an hour in the arcade jump kicking my way through levels.

caution41834d ago

Not going to lie, I totally hit up his wiki and had flashbacks

XB1_PS41834d ago

Everyone needs to go fund this! This game was incredible on NES, and with Yoshihisa on the team no doubt this game will be incredible aswell.

Thehyph1834d ago

Jump kick spam just chipping away health on your last quarter because your mom won't give you any more of them.

On topic: I would buy it, no doubt. Double so for vita.

caution41834d ago

I think the vita stretch goal is goin to be a tough one to grab for them. I totally see this on the PS4 even without hitting that goal

kewlkat0071834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Me and a buddy used to love playing River City Ransom..

Question: Why is it taking Kickstarter to fund these games..

Wormwood1834d ago

Big names attached to a Kickstarter is always a good sign.

caution41834d ago

A big endorsement doesn't always help, but this was a smart move

staticjoe1834d ago

Yeah, having an original dev will help them out a lot.

caution41834d ago

Totally agree. This team seems to be all about the genre

XB1_PS41834d ago

He wasn't an original dev for River City Ransom. He's was the Director for Double Dragon though. Which is the same genre.

NateCole1834d ago

Still remember playing Double Dragon 2 and 3 on the NES. It was the game that pushed me to get a placing in the top 3 of my class so that i can get a NES. Ended up second for that that year back in 1988 and as promised my dad bought me a NES and with Double Dragon 2 for christmas that year. I still remember the theme song in my head like it was yesterday.

There as was nothing like playing co-op on Double dragon then until Contra came along lol!.

xseven1834d ago

There's listening to your fans and adding features, balancing, etc... and then there's going out and adding talent to your team after listening to fans. That's a pretty strong move by the Devs

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