GTA V's Misogyny is...Sensible

Shaxster writes: "Today there’s been a lot of complaints in the gaming press about GTA V‘s misogyny. To an extent, I can sympathise. If I was female, I’d find 7 million phallic references quite tiresome too, and the lack of a playable female character would also inevitably make me feel unrepresented. But when I think about it some more, GTA V‘s misogyny makes sense. Actually, I think it might be necessary."

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NegativeCreep4271678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I wish I could have played as a female character in GTA 5. Just so that I could go around Los Santos and beat, shoot and kill all the men that I want to without being called a bad person...after all that is how it works in the real world.

thaimasker1678d ago

You'll be able to in online

Tskales1678d ago

I support GTA's "misogyny" as spineless, castrated white knights call it.

HelpfulGamer1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Rockstar did made "The Ballad of Gay Tony".

Pushagree1678d ago

I dont get why feminists can't see that this is a game marketed and targeted specificially for males. No one ever gets mad at Lifetime when they unfairly portray men as short-fused wife-beating rapists. Why is that? Society has so many double standards...

ziggurcat1678d ago


stop. just.... stop.

Anon19741678d ago

Having not played the game yet, I can't really comment on if the level is appropriate or adds to the overall game. I think it's fair that if some feel it detracts from the game and doesn't add anything to it's story or satirical nature of the title, that they mention it in their reviews. If something impacts a reviewers enjoyment of the title, whether it be that they didn't connect with or care for the characters, if they think the sexism was over the top and became a distraction or if a game overused QTE's, it's all fair game. Reviewers are opinion. If we don't agree then we naturally find opinions that are more in keeping with our own. That's the way it works.

Some have stated that the Misogyny is a distraction. Some think it's fitting in the context of the greater GTA universe. Either way, I think if it impacts the overall experience it's the job of reviewers to point it out.

At the end of the day, even those pointing out they had felt it was a bit much (and there are a few of them out there) no one seems to think that it's had a profoundly negative impact on their overall enjoyment of the game. Too many are acting like reviewers mentioning the level of sexism in the game are somehow making a point unrelated to the game itself. Of course that's ridiculous. If a movie or book overused misogynistic themes for no discernible reason the review could pinpoint, I would expect any honest reviewer to make a mention of this if it had a negative impact on their opinion. Why are game reviewers any different. Story, theme, music, gameplay, characters, it's all part of the package.

We shouldn't damn reviewers for simply bringing up these points because we might not agree. It's their opinion, after all.

Angels37851678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I understand what he saying...seriously who in their right minds believe that people of the crime world are morally sound politically correct people. Misogyny and degrading racist terms would be very plausible and do add to the types of people they are as characters in the game when compared to the real world. Sure it may be offensive but its the truth...if the truth least know what you are getting into. With society's tastes shifting and stuff like this^^ becoming an issue with GTA when it wasn't as much before. I'd say there will be a time where GTA might become irrelevant if everyone becomes disgusted by it. I for one know what Im getting into from the start and I understand the reasons behind it.

Angels37851678d ago

I would also like to add that when I watch goodfellas or casino all the mysogyny and grusum violence made me cringe sum, but its the truth. Its a harsh reality. People need to realize that everyone is different in experiencesand some thing will push other peoples buttons more than others. I know a woman who was raped and she ccan't take hearkng the word rape, while others could care less, she has every right to do that! But she shouldn't be mad when a crude comedian like daniel tosh makes fun of it. Mysogyny is an ever present thing in many aspects of society with women making .72 cents per dollar a man makes. Its a reality that yeah may be depicted just because you don't like it doesn't mean its not there especially in the crime world. Nothing is beyond criminals. You can't sit there and just say "oh these men are capable of murder, corruption, theft etc. But their mysogyny is over the top you are very ignorant.

-Gespenst-1678d ago

"But she shouldn't be mad when a crude comedian like daniel tosh makes fun of it."

Em, why not? Why is some ignorant, crude comedian allowed to say that? He has NO idea of the reality of rape and has never experienced it himself. He has absolutely no right to be going around cracking cheap, crude jokes about rape just to make money out of being a shit comedian. It's totally disrespectful, insensitive, and inconsiderate. How hard must it be for a rape victim to live in a society and in a culture that trivialises rape so ignorantly like that? A culture and a society in which rape (or an ignorant version of it made up in inexperienced people's minds) is fodder for comedy? That's not on at all. There are certain things that just aren't suitable for crass humour and cheap irony. It fosters a culture of trivialisation of which is hell for a rape victim (or any other victim of something terrible) to live within. Not to mention the issue of trauma triggers.

Just because criminality, violence, and misogyny are realities in our societies, doesn't mean they HAVE to be. Culture, society, the economy, politics, and value systems all give rise to these things, not "human nature". Human nature is precisely a lack of a defined nature in the first place. All these things we fatalistically call "realities" are totally subject to change so long as we are critical, pro-active, sensitive, considerate, and responsible.

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