1UP Previews: LostWinds - Hands-on with WiiWare's puzzling platformer

1UP writes: "Previously revealed at this year's GDC, LostWinds is one of the first wholly original titles for Nintendo's WiiWare service, created by Frontier Developments, home of Elite co-creator David Braben. At Nintendo's Media Summit, we were able to try out this interesting adventure game ourselves for the first time.

You play as Toku, a little boy who, while exploring the wilds of his home island of Mistralis, stumbles upon a "shard" belonging to the wind spirit Enril. Enril and the rest of her spirit kin were imprisoned long ago by Balasar, the spirit of the sun and the moon. That shard is enough for Enril to communicate with Toku and become his companion, using her wind powers to help him recover the spirit shards and ultimately defeat Balasar."

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