Mark Cerny Talks About How They Built the PS4: “It has What we Think it Needs”

PlayStationLifeStyle: With the majority of the Grand Theft Auto V festivities taken care of today, we can now move on to other topics, including one that involves an interview between Mark Cerny and OPM that took place in a recent issue of the magazine.

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mewhy321764d ago

Simply the most powerful console ever.

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Regis1764d ago

Watch this after this humiliation Microsoft will release the new next gen console and make 5 times better then the PS4 or 5

JuniorCE1764d ago

Do you believe in Santa too?

GamersRulz1764d ago

I'm afraid this gen will be MS last, just like Sega.

both killed by Sony

Regis1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Jeez guys I'm JOKING its hard to display sarcasm over the Internet.

@JuniorCE I did like to believe in sweet things,but thanks to my parents I can't have nice things.

Nekroo911764d ago

@GamerRulz youre afraid? im praying for this gen to be the MS last, so samsumg can buy it and actually make something good from xbox

Magicite1764d ago

only 5? write 50, then we will believe.

miyamoto1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Sony did not kill Sega.

In fact Sony and Sega of America already had a proposal for a 32 bit console turned down by Sega Japan even before Ken Kutaragi proposed to Nintendo.

Get your facts straight.

Sony was just an experienced consumer electronics master at that time.

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TomShoe1764d ago

Simply the BEST console ever.

With respect to the PS2.

dcj05241764d ago

I like the ps4 but it can't be the best until it at least comes out.

ZHZ901764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


Even MS admited it.

EDIT: PS4 will defintely be great as PS1/PS2 era and better than PS3 era by the well of God.

3-4-51764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I can't wait to make the PS4 my First Sony console ever.

The thing is, when Cerny takes a "guess" at what we will need or we may want 5 years into the future, the result we get is the PS4.

When other companies do it, we get pay to play, microtransaction, filler, shovelware.

AceBlazer131764d ago

Your first sony console? Dude where have you been th past few decades?

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Godmars2901764d ago

Likely off topic, but kind of odd if not another mark against MS that they have - had? - a spokesman who tried to defend his stance by saying he had nothing to do with designing the XB1, and here Sony has as their key spokesman the guy who designed the PS4. So he has no excuse in not knowing what he's talking about.

iamnsuperman1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Well Microsoft do need a guy like this but it can also back fire if not done correctly. Microsoft (as a whole) has been trying to shake a nerdy image for some time (since the rise of Apple and their pretentiousness). I know it is bad to say this but having a geeky guy at the front can be quite damaging because it can make the device seem geeky and uncool. Saying that, Cerny has been doing very well to not portray that image (which is helped by other PR guys making the device seem cooler leaving him to just talk about the specs to those who care). If Microsoft were going to do it they need to be careful about how they do it (balance)

u got owned1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I don't think MS will do it anyway. Its clearly Sony's marketing strategy is "we have the most powerful console". While MS strategy is "All in one". Anyway in the end PS4 is more powerful so i don't see the point of MS playing a game they know they'll loose.

thehitman1764d ago

TBH w/ all the celebrities they hire 1 geeky guy wouldnt hurt them. But then again it would help if that "geeky" guy could actually boast and talk about their product in confidence and not hide the discrepancies in less power compared to the competition.

Godmars2901764d ago

@u got owned:

At this point Sony's message is, "We're honest" or at least more foreword in what we say than the other guy.

WeAreLegion1764d ago

I think the majority of people don't care if someone is "geeky" or "nerdy" anymore. We're more concerned with a spokesperson being real with us.

Just look at the current successful marketing campaigns. Cool can only get you so far. Respect is more powerful.

miyamoto1764d ago

M$ can not afford idiots speaking anymore for them like Greenberg, Tsunoda, Molyneux, Hryb Major Nelson, and that anti-nuclear sub guy Mattrick.

And Sony only needs one honest to goodness genius man to speak.

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FamilyGuy1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Who was the lead architect on the Xbox One anyway? O.o

Tried googling it but it seems they never mention one.

Bathyj1764d ago

That would be a good slogan.

Ps4. It has what I need.

Where's my meme generator?

Godmars2901764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

PS4: Gives you what you need in what you want.


Hazmat131764d ago


Bathyj1764d ago

PS4, does what XBon't

miyamoto1764d ago

Xbox One.
Deal With It.

lol! That will probably hold true in its entire life cycle.

Play More and More

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SniperControl1764d ago

"If we have great games, people will come"

Wow, that is damn deep.

Thats why iam buying a PS4 day one.

WeAreLegion1764d ago

Cerny is all about inspirational sports movies starring Kevin Costner.

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