GTA V Is Banned In Saudi Arabia, Causing A Big Increase In Prices

A well known video games seller in Saudi Arabia has confirmed that GTA V is officially banned in Saudi Arabia.
"It's officially prohibited to sell GTA V, any shop selling it will jeopardize getting closed, and having a fine"

This caused a big increase in price for the game in the black market, some are selling the normal version of the game for what equals 100$!

There was no statement made by the officials, but it's said that the customs didn't allow for the game to enter the country.

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majdees1829d ago

This is but a taste of what we suffer down in this shithole. I had the same problem with Dragon's Crown.
Already ordered mine off of Amazon.

kingmushroom1829d ago

can you import a copy of gta5

majdees1829d ago

Yeah I imported GTA4 because it was also banned lol

fsfsxii1829d ago

Did you actually BUY dragon's crown?? Damn bro, been looking for it for a month now. And beginning to lose hope.

majdees1829d ago

I found it for PSVita but didn't buy it. I have had no luck in finding the PS3 version. Also Amazon is your friend :)

Persistantthug1829d ago

But don't they like,
Put you in jail for breaking laws in Saudi Arabia....Or worse?

coffeer41822d ago

No, they have a loose grip on games.
It's easy to find GTA 5 here, but for like $90.

kingmushroom1829d ago

haha well thats the way to go, when people will deny you what you want. Some one will gladly sell you what you want for the right price lol.

d0nT wOrrY1829d ago

You obviously don't deserve to live in such a holy place.

majdees1829d ago

You see, people have this misconception that ALL of Saudi is a holy place. Well guess what the only holy places there are Mecca and Medina. And they are located in the western region. And I'm way far in the East. Anyway I get your joke LOL..

3-4-51829d ago


It's an elite status thing.

Over there, they are stupid rich, like crazy rich, beyond comprehension.

By raising prices, and banning it, the regular citizens won't be playing it, but the rich elite kids will get to play it.


K back to reality...only 4 & 1/2 hours until GTA5 !

ape0071829d ago

Over there, they are stupid rich, like crazy rich, beyond comprehension"

lol u don't know anything

Ambivalent_1829d ago

I would buy a digital version if I were you. I guess you can still get caught if they check the game at the customs.

d0nT wOrrY1828d ago

I know that. And I wasn't joking :)

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DKSP1611829d ago

saudi arabia = backwards country where women are treated like shit and people are still stoned.

NewAgeisHere1829d ago's also US's closest ally, cause US loves those kind of regimes, as long as they sell their oil at affordable prices, they are allowed to stone anyone.....

Menkyo1829d ago

As the US get 70% of its oil from Canada and we are now the #1 oil producing country, your statement is retarded at best. Read more than gaming news sometime douche.

majdees1829d ago

Yeah yeah and we drink oil and have camel drive-throughs...


kingmushroom1829d ago

LMAO lost my shit on that one. Camels are OG man.

Bob Dole1829d ago

Implying some women don't deserve to be treated like shit and corporal punishment doesn't work.

THamm1829d ago

How's the crime and domestic abuse rates in the good ole USA? HaHA

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TheGrimOfDeath1829d ago

Great, just as I was about to get the game tomorrow.

Reem1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Saudi Arabia lol the country where a man can't death penalty for killing his wife or children. Or how about the guy who tortured and raped his 5 year old daughter so bad, that she died after 10 months in the clinic. And what happened to this sick creature? His punishment was just paying 50k. Sick country.

kingPoS1829d ago

I say let GTA5 stay banned. If the country is truly lenient on such issues, then something needs to be done.

I'm even temped to make a few Mass Effect comparisons.

Reem1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Really disturbing stuff...

coffeer41822d ago

I'd really like to move to Dubai or even US. Can't handle this.

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