EA SPORTS announces ‘NBA Live 14′ release date

GoodGameBro writes, "While the team behind NBA Live 14 is working on getting the game to store shelves this year, something it has failed to do in recent years, there’s been a bit of controversy around the game’s release date. However, EA SPORTS has squashed any doubt of the game not releasing this year."

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TomShoe1768d ago

Their chances of beating 2K this year are slim.

I mean "BounceTek?" Come on.

cvflyboy1767d ago

I agree with you. Its not the bounce tek feature that bothers me though, it's the fact that they only have 50 signature animations in a sport that consist of 30 teams with a average of 15 players per team. Sorry but that is way to many generic animations for me to get use too. I don't care how good a game looks its the little things that make it feel real.

cvflyboy1767d ago


Bubbles for you my good man, you are a legend indeed.

lsujester1767d ago

They won't beat 2K, but the competition is more than welcome. Hopefully EA can get their Bball groove over the next installments, though. Be nice to have an viable alternative.

violentpulse1767d ago

They could probably win some sales if they release it for ps vita. Since there are no competition yet on that field.

objdadon1767d ago

Don't care what anyone says, 2k has sucked the last two years! So much bs in that game now it's comical! 2k11 was and probably will always be the best they ever do. Don't know if live will compete but just get the gameplay right! I ain't trippin off graphics just get the gameplay right please!

Ginesis1767d ago

You sir deserve a bubble for that!

Angainor71767d ago

this is the first game i see that has a release date and no gameplay footage

Ginesis1767d ago

Gameplay is releasing this week.

NeMo_HeauxZ1767d ago

I was intrigued Live 14 because of how long its been in between games. I wanted to see the game mechanics but because they haven't shown gameplay this close to release I feel like they don't have faith in their own product.