Twinfinite’s Unpopular Opinions for Your Health

"Great minds think alike, but sometimes the better ones think for themselves. Here, at the Twinfinite office, we don’t always agree on everything, whether it’s with each other or a large portion of the gaming population. Still, it’s important to recognize a variety of opinions with thorough explanations. Some of our unpopular opinions may offend some of you, in which case, deal with it. Many people may never like what you like, or dislike what you dislike, and that’s okay. For now, just put down the dagger and hear us out."

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kalkano1709d ago

About FF13: "and a swift, fun as hell combat system".

LOL! 13 has the worst battle system in the series.

kalkano1709d ago

Also about 13: "I would be lying if I said the storytelling of these games was easy to follow, but apparently there are some novellas that give a lot more details to really bring this world and its ideas to life in a way no other Final Fantasy game has before, complete with its many similarities and references to Norse mythology. I just wish the games would have shared that with me; I’m not about to go and read the books or in-game datalogs."

I actually read those before it came out, and I found the storyline completely sensible...until the end, anyway. They really should have released that to the mainstream crowd.