Gabe Newell: Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware coming soon

Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of Valve, said today that Linux is the future of gaming despite its current minuscule share of the market.

That seems hard to believe, given that Newell acknowledged Linux gaming generally accounts for less than one percent of the market by any measure including players, player minutes, and revenue. But Valve is going to do its best to make sure Linux becomes the future of gaming by extending its Steam distribution platform to hardware designed for living rooms.

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TrulyNextGen1829d ago

It would need to come with Half-Life 3 as an exclusive launch title, be more powerful than the PS4, and at least the same price as the PS4 to be competitive. I'd still get one over an Xbone any day.

Godmars2901829d ago

Its likely just going to be an iOS device which plays *some* PC games. Have streaming so it can play higher end games.

PeaSFor1829d ago

Gabe: "SURPRISE!!! the PS4 is in fact the SteamBox!"

(yeah, could be cool eh? since the ps3 already support Steam(portal2) it would make sense.....but thats just wishful thinking.

zeal0us1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Overall this thing will be a niche product. I see some Steam users trying it but most will stick to Steam on Windows mainly because most of the games in their library doesn't support Linux.

Then there's the fact that Linux still lack drivers that available on Windows. There are a lot of obstacles this project will have to cross before Linux can truly become the future of gaming.

Making Half Life 3 exclusively for Linux definitely would pull some users over to Linux but it would be a costly gamble. Most steam users are on the Windows. It would be like an Rovio saying Angry Bird 2 is only going to be available on WP8. Rovio would lose a lot of money for opting not make Angry Birds 2 available for iOS and Android just Valve would lose a lot of money for not making HL3 available for Windows.

HammadTheBeast1829d ago

Yeah.... no.

Linux wouldn't do anything for console gaming, HL3 isn't even as hyped as it would've been 4 years ago, GTA on next gen has more hype than that.

DomceM1829d ago

lol @ hammad.

PS4 is running on modified linux kernel. you did know that right? BSD to be exact.

So yeah, linux us doing a lot for gaming. Android is linux, most game servers run on linux, ps4 is linux based , etc...

Steam box will be linux.

just saying...

SilentNegotiator1828d ago

The important thing is that Valve is INCREASING Linux game support, which will lead to more and more developers supporting it and more and more people considering using Linux; Windows does NOT have strong low-cost OS competition and needs it.

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-Foxtrot1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Yeah he needs to show this off with Half Life 3, that would sell this. I hope it's a console to rival Sony and Microsoft. I really want Valve to take Microsoft down, with the amount of stuff MS have done I think it would be nice to take their place next gen. I'm sure they said it would be a PC/console hybrid or something with it's own dedicated controller.

The main thing though which would sell this console to me is if they manage to get mod support for console games in the future. Maybe start them out with there own games first but in the future if they can get the mod Nexus for Elder Scrolls 6 or even for a game like Just Cause 3 for exmaple then they would have won me over.

I think they would have to get more teams sorted out though because they take far too long with their first part games. I mean sure it would be nice to see HL3 as a launch title but they need TF3 for it's multiplayer and maybe L4D3 later down the line...but then what, maybe a new IP?

Garrys Mod on the SteamBox would be amazing

Although saying all that, mostly wishes on my part, I fee like Godmars above could be might be hyped up so much that it ends up in the end being an IOS device. Shame because those things end up being forgotten about and I feel like Valve could make a huge impact in the console business.

Mystogan1829d ago

Valve doesn't have the money to compete in the console business. Which is why they can only afford a small console.

-Foxtrot1829d ago

Valve dosen't have the money.....VALVE dosen't have the MONEY.

Are you joking, the amount of money they make on Steam alone is a mind f***. They are the only studio out there that could never make another game again and they would still rake in the cash.

Thats why they take their time with developments, they can afford to.

Software_Lover1829d ago

Valve would do the same thing, wait, continue to do the same thing they are doing now. The things Microsoft tried to do. Hardware DRM. Why is it okay for them, you want them to "take out" Microsoft, but its bad when Microsoft does it?

XboxFun1829d ago

So you want Valve to take down MS even though they are the biggest supporters of DRM?

And yet you are constantly spouting off that you're mad at MS for what they TRIED to do but Valve gets a pass from you even though they have DRM RIGHT NOW.

You are officially written off.

Stsonic1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

@software_lover and XboxFun

The big difference is Microsoft tried to implement their policies with a PHYSICAL disc still being their number one selling point and were not going to lower ANY prices be it digital or physical media.

Valve offers great prices all over the board. You can buy Bioshock infinite for £7.99 at the moment with a free copy of mafia 2 at gamefly.

Microsoft were never going to offer these benefits and even if they ever did you can not tell someone they can't sell there own copy of a physical disc and not expect a big backlash.

Stop comparing the two, I don't understand this argument I hear all the time people making excuses like this. The only reason the policies were changed is because the initial pre orders were so low they had to change it back.

-Foxtrot1829d ago

@software_lover and XboxFun

You know what the sad part is of your comments I never even mentioned anything about Microsofts DRM. Why try and start an off topic argument, were mainly talking about Valve here.

Wait...why am I arguing, not like you'll listen anyway

TheOneEyedHound1829d ago

Rival Sony, not Microsoft. Let Microsoft Rival with it self. Microsoft is not really a big of a deal.

XboxFun1828d ago

@ Foxtrot

No, the sad part is we all know why you are "SO MAD AT MS" since you go out of your way to state that in every reply to me and anyone else who supposedly "defended" MS and explained why.

Please just stop pretending you're the victim. Caught in true hypocrisy like most sony fanboys on this site.

But now that I officially know that you just hate MS and blindly follow Sony I can definitely write you off.

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showtimefolks1829d ago

how about you tell us you know #3 Gabe?


come_bom1829d ago

I admire Valve for everything it's done, but Gabe Newell is a jackass, that talks wayyyyyy toooo much. He should STFU and release HL3 already.

Tsar4ever011828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Sooo, the Gabe finally speaks, It's been a while since we heard or read anything about valve or Steam box, I find it really interesting that Gabe's been Deathly Silent never commented anything regarding the next–gen consoles or their specs, especially the Ps4, since it's innards are all PC based You'd think he'd at least vent an opinion, say something since he was always so loud when be bashed the ps3 cell processor and all. Im just saying.

Magicite1828d ago

there will be no half-life 3, there will be no warcraft 4, there will be no chrono cross 2, just stop bringing your hopes up..

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Agent_hitman1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Due to the failure of Windows 8, Valve is starting to migrate their Steam platform to Linux..

If MS didn't do something about this, next thing you'll know all gamers will migrate to Linux and also professionals.. Quote me on this..

OH BTW I'm using Windows 7 64bit OS.. Not Win 8, that sucks!

WeAreLegion1829d ago

Using Windows 8 here. I can confirm the suck.

Mystogan1829d ago

Using Windows 8.1 here, definitely no sucks here.

SonyKong641829d ago

because you don't have a start button and your not a fan of purely optional tiles?


FragMnTagM1829d ago

Windows 8 is nice, don't know why everyone hates it so much.

Been using it since it was in beta. No problems here.

wishingW3L1829d ago

don't like Windows 8 either and I hate the fact that it tries to hide everything from the user in an attempt to be seamless but I like to control everything manually!

PunisherRevenge1829d ago

@WeAreLegion...actually I'm using widows 8 right now on my touchscreen laptop and let me tell you its one of the best Operating systems I've ever used. Its pretty cool. Microsoft gives you the option to use the tile apps or switch to desktop mode and use it like a regular OS system.

Hazmat131829d ago

i use OSX! anybody? ... no, no one? .... im sorry. i just be on my mac if you need me........ whats that you say something? oh you didn't? ok never mind. *walks slowly to his computer.*

Qrphe1829d ago

I'm also a Windows 8 user. It's faster than 7 so I use it for performance for work, else, it does suck.

Thehyph1829d ago

@WeAreLegion I love how every reply, more or less, is a comparison of versions of Windows.

Some people may want to start researching the pros of linux.

You can start by not ever having to run countless background processes in which you are given no control of.

Also, free.

Driver support and game library will follow install base, end users just have to make the switch.

End users are getting more and more accustomed to operating systems other than Windows these days. Something like android proves that all you need to do is present linux right and people can use it.

DomceM1829d ago

switch to Linux. its boss.

WeAreLegion1829d ago

Using 8.1 also. Still sucks.

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DomceM1829d ago

If its terribad then switch. I just switched my desktop and havent looked back. Gonna convert my other computers in the coming year.

BaronVonRhett1829d ago

I got Win 8,(8.1 to be precise.) and really enjoying it. Especially for gaming.


linux is the future? i have now seen and heard everything.

Mystogan1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

That's hard to prove with it only having less than 1% market share xD

Linux has been around for ages now. It has never taken off and it never will.

chasegarcia1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )


-Linux may or may take off soon(on desktop), but it will one day. Gabe wants to see it happen before he dies. It is the classic geek dream.

"In Valve's future, players will run their games on Linux systems. They may not know they are running Linux--any more than nine out of ten Android users know they're running Linux--but it will be Linux under the hood. " -zdnet

Thehyph1829d ago

Amen, brother chasegarcia.

Linux over Windows any day. Linux has powerful ideology attached to it.

Android is a good point. Linux-based Android and its features and capabilities far exceed what a company like Apple wants to let you do. Classic Linux.

My problem with Windows is that it's just a default, and not a superior competitive product.

ShwankyShpanky1829d ago

Seriously... Linux is for nerds fighting in vain against the deserved dominance of Microsoft.

Soldierone1829d ago

Honestly, why not just tag along with Sony? They opened their arms to let Valve work with them, when MS wouldn't do it. So why not continue the relationship?

With your own box you need to waste time fighting for the spot on the TV. Why? You could just tag team with Sony and let Sony do the fighting while you work on the experience.

Honestly I'm sure the hardcore Valve fans will gobble this up, but beyond that you need to justify it. Why leave PC behind? Why not just buy a console? etc.... It won't thrive unless a lot of resources are spent on these things.

porkChop1829d ago

Linux is not the future of gaming and it never will be. 90% of games and engines are DirectX only, and hardly any games have Linux versions. Linux and OpenGL might take off for small indie developers who are likely already using OpenGL, but it will never take over AAA development. AAA developers would need to scrap their tools and rebuild everything specifically to work with Linux and OpenGL. That is not going to happen.

With the Steambox, and Linux, Valve is asking PC gamers to abandon their existing library of PC games.

DomceM1829d ago

"90% of games and engines are DirectX only"

yep... currently. But gabe didnt say linux is the past of gaming. he said its the future.

Microsoft has been bleeding marketshare to Apple and linux with every single new OS release. Go check it if you dont believe me. its only a matter of time. and if its not linux, then it will be os x. But its not gonna be MS.

And if its linux, that would be kickass. superior, open, and free product. No viruses, no headaches. Gotta love ubuntu and canonical.

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