Five reasons to love Call of Duty

Call of Duty is the game everyone loves to hate. But there's actually a lot to love about it.

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GraveLord1620d ago Show
Bobby Kotex1620d ago

LOL, NO one is thinking about CoD right now.

Funantic11620d ago

It sure is selling better than BF4 and Killzone: Shadowfall right now. I haven't even reserved my copy of COD yet.

Hazmat131620d ago

for me its got a fun storyline. not like any classy movie but those summer movies that are action and explosions everywhere, ya know? like a Michael bay film sure it might be bad but look explosions! also its arcade style multiplayer im not hardcore COD gamer. but i play it for the fun fast paced online. and well thats it. haha my reasons. love or hate thats my reason. is it worth $60 hate aside id still no, but hey its your money.

spicelicka1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

That's the problem, the storyline and gameplay in the storyline are so much like a movie, it might as well be a movie. I'm tired of moving barely moving 2 inches before a scripted event blows on my face.

ziggurcat1620d ago

1. irony
2. fish AI
3. dogs

that's all i got... :(

Summons751620d ago

Love call of duty.......That's an oxymoron!

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