With Many Perfect Reviews, The Escapist Objects to GTA 5

One outlet does “the unthinkable”.

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inf3cted11621d ago

Inb4 quarter to three gives this a 1/5

AHall881621d ago

So he didn't like it because you're forced to play as "bad people"?
Seems kinda weak.

KonsoruMasuta1621d ago

Lol, I lol'ed when I read that.

starchild1621d ago

The truth is, I normally don't really like urban crime games either. I don't like playing as blatant criminals.

For this reason I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption more than the GTA games. John Marston was a criminal, but he was trying to reform himself and he had a sort of code even as an outlaw that made him work much better for me as an anti-hero character.

That said, GTA5 oozes quality and if I were to review the game I wouldn't let my personal distaste for the urban crime setting affect my ultimate judgement of the game. If you do that, you aren't going to give people an accurate assessment of the game.

3-4-51621d ago

Better than being forced to do EVERY action by Swiping your finger across the phone.

IHassounah1621d ago

This guy didn't play GTAIV ........ END OF STORY

KonsoruMasuta1621d ago

He obviously wasn't paying attention to the game. Niko didn't have to kill everyone that he did. Matter of fact, I remember numerous times in the story where Roman talked to Niko about settling down and living a normal life but Niko didn't want to.

Niko was just as ruthless, if not more ruthless than the characters in GTA 5.

wtopez1621d ago

Wait. I've been playing as the bad guy this whole time!? Nooooooo...

newflesh1621d ago

After all the 10/10s for GTA IV, which was frankly boring, I'd rather trust the low reviews for this game more...

Kiddcarter1621d ago

So your saying that if a game comes out, and its good, very very good, people shouldn't acknowledge it as such because that's boring?

He actually wrote in his review "Technologically, Grand Theft Auto V deserves the mantle as the pinnacle of this generation" followed by "If only the morally reprehensible script written by Dan Houser lived up to the achievements in game-making that Grand Theft Auto V otherwise embodies"

this is a video game not sunday morning service

newflesh1621d ago

Yeah, but how can a boring game be called "very very good"? You're contradicting yourself

Misaka_x_Touma1621d ago

so you would use GTA IV reviews yet everyone say it the worst and bad game

Kiddcarter1621d ago

@newflash how did i contradict myself, i never said anything about something being boring, I posed a question to your comment, you said everyone giving the game a 10 was boring, so i asked you if a game is good, should reviewers not acknowledge it as being good?

@Misake_x_touma I have no idea what you are trying to say

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The story is too old to be commented.