Preview: Takedown: Red Sabre [Press2Reset]

Developer Serellan is looking to bring the shooter genre into a more methodical and tactical frame of play. Anton Wegenast played an early build for some early impressions.

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Rob Hornecker1833d ago

ARGH!!! Whats up with this "to be released on XBLA for the 360 at a latter date" crap???? Lets hope it will be up on XBLA on the 20th.

Sharodan1833d ago

I believe it was originally scheduled for Sept 20 alongside the PC release, but something happened (maybe new bugs cropped up) to delay the XBLA release.

Rob Hornecker1831d ago

Thank you for your reply. I plan to check XBLA when I come home on mid day break friday and see if its up. The web site had nothing posted when I checked it yesterday morning.

If you hear of anything,please PM me here. Thanks!