Review: Grand Theft Auto V (DarkZero)

"Let’s be honest here, an entry in the Grand Theft Auto series needs no introduction. In fact, Rockstar could very well get away with simply announcing a new title and leaving the marketing down to its fans passing word of mouth. It’s a series that has worked hard to staple itself into the history of video games to become so gigantic that each new entry activates a switch within millions of fans, turning them into frenzied beings as they grasp air for the tiniest bit of news about the game before it launches."

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nrvalleytime1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Just outstanding scores really. Think about it - Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, and GTA V at the end of a console life-cycle.

Awesome going-away presents for this generation.

GarrusVakarian1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

No love for Beyond Two Souls?

GrizzliS19871765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

This generation isnt going anywhere. There will be games developed for it for another 5 years, easy, and full lifecycle of 10 more years.

ZBlacktt1765d ago

Yeah, everything is 10/10 nowadays. The scores used mean something. Now, totally overrated and abused in every way. Game could have bad graphics in many areas, pop ups, bad character mouthing, etc. But Hype alone is worth 4 points....

Domstercool1765d ago

But Persona 4 is a 10/10 game! :D

Domstercool1765d ago

It sure has been a great year for video games. I also got the best version of Persona 4 as well (Yes, I live in the UK :( )

Garethvk1765d ago

Reminds me of San Andreas when Rockstar sent out memos to media saying we appreciate the reviews but there is no way you could have covered the entire game by now.

xPhearR3dx1765d ago

Well Adam Sessler said he spent 60-70 hours before he reviewed it. All the other reviewers who even bothered to mention time, said around 30. I think Adam takes the cake.

Garethvk1765d ago

I agree. Plus the 100 hour is if you do every side quest and trick out options.

SpideySpeakz1765d ago

The reviewer on Machinima said he's been playing it for a week.

Domstercool1765d ago

The review copies hit last Wednesday, so there was plenty of time to put into the game. :)

Golden_Mud1765d ago

GTAV is gonna win this years game of the year metacritic meaning it's %98.7 and given to that the game is now breaking the world wide record by defeating GTAIV's %98.3

Domstercool1765d ago

It's all a matter of taste. For me, I still think The Last of Us is the best game of the year, but I'm sure some will feel that GTA V is.