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The PS3 exclusive, Puppeteer, takes us to the puppet show of a lifetime. The narrator sets the stage, with an introduction that prepares us for all of the epicness that is to come. The curtain draws back, the crowd cheers, and we meet our hero for the first time in a splendid display of graphical power and with such charismatic storytelling that we can feel our childhood selves quiver with excitement. Although many of us may never have thought of attending a puppet show, Puppeteer is not the performance that you want to skip out on. This game takes us on a gripping adventure that easily competes with all of the amazing games that have been released during the final months of this console generation, all with a cheaper admittance of $40.

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JoGam1792d ago

This game is a sleeper hit. Sadly GTA V is over shadowing it along with Next Gen.

tulholdren1792d ago

This game rocks another really great and fun game only on Playstation. Keep them coming Sony. Prices make it even better.

rezzah1791d ago

A great game for all ages. It is like watching a Shrek movie.

Plus co-op allows for both child and parent to play at the same time.