PlayStation Store Preview – September 17th, 2013: Grand Theft Auto V

Do we really have to type anything here? We know exactly what you, and everyone else will be playing (including us) for the foreseeable future. There’s a reason that this week’s update is thin, and that reason is Grand Theft Auto V. - PSLS

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thorstein1742d ago

Yeah. And now they moderate comments, how lame.

Deadpoolio1741d ago

Yes how lame...Cause who wouldn't get tired of the inbred morons who love in their mother's basements commenting endlessly about BAAAH GAAAAWD Dis Gaemz update iz terrible baaaah gaaaawwh yous guiz suk with your awful gaemz updatz..... Cause we know it's just so hard to use your brain and common sense to say; Oh well nothing for me, moving on.

_FantasmA_1741d ago

I'm glad they did that. I could never read more than a few comments on the PS blog without getting depressed and wanting to slice my wrists just because of all the self entitled a-holes on that website that complain for everything. Those people could get The Last of Us for free on PS Plus and still whine about how they already bought it or how its another shooter. Its always something. If you ever want to ruin your good mood or need something to stress you out, go read all the comments on Mondays. Read them one by one for maximum depression.

Dropdeadll1742d ago

tlou dlc is taking foreverr

fattyuk1742d ago

bioshock inifnite more like!

thorstein1741d ago

Well, we did get interrogations with the patch and that is my favorite mode now.

0ut1awed1741d ago

Maybe because they actually focused on the game up until the day of release instead of trying incorporate DLC beforehand.

I applaud ND for that.

_FantasmA_1742d ago

Damn, nothing good for me this week. Oh well, I will probably be cleaning up Hitman Absolution and Killzone Mercenary trophies until the PS4 launches. No more new games until then since I haven't saved anything yet :(

thorstein1742d ago

What about Beyond Two Souls?

_FantasmA_1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

That comes out this week? Or month? WTF? I totally forgot about that. I haven't seen any news or ads for it and I totally forgot we were already in September. Damn. I'll have to wait for reviews and maybe a sale though, because like I said I haven't saved a single dollar for my pre-ordered PS4.

thorstein1741d ago

Comes out Oct 8. Not to far away!