Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's Digital Download Sales Resumed by Square Enix

After almost two weeks of suspended sales, the digital download version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is finally available again.

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Carheadbutt1770d ago

It's tempting, even after the launch issues.

Abriael1770d ago

eh, the game itself is fantastic. Never judge a MMORPG from launch issues really.

Carheadbutt1770d ago

I disagree launch issues show how prepared they are, and how committed to CS they are.

Magicite1770d ago

Totally agree, it was worth all the troubles. Playing on EU Phoenix realm and its crowded and I like that.

Dagobert1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@carheadbutt World of Warcraft had a lot of issues when it first launched. Look how successful it turned out. Pretty much most MMO's have some launch issues. Either way, the game is amazing.

ajames3471770d ago

The launch issues are mostly gone now (I couldn't even play the game because of them) and now FFXIV plays very smoothly.

Carheadbutt1770d ago

yeah...I'm probably going to end up getting it. Thanks.

Caffo011769d ago

Launch issues are fixed.
Anyway i have 1 spare cdkey for Europe if anyone is interested.

Stsonic1770d ago

I loved the beta and bought the game but am yet to redeem my code. This is nothing against the game but I think MMORPG's are not for me. It would be taking all my time and I would leave others games behind.

STK0261770d ago

One day before GTA5, I wonder if this will affect FF14's sales. The game looks good, and I was very tempted to buy it after launch when a couple of friends picked it up, but was unable buy the digital version. But with GTA5 coming out tomorrow, not sure I'll pick it up afterall.

allgamespc20121770d ago

its a completely diff crowd, i for one dont even think of getting gta, most overrated overhyped game of all times. illw ait for pc version on that, in the meanwhile, ffxiv is a lot of fun and taking up my time.

SythMoi1769d ago

I few of us got our refunds and now we can spend it again YAY !!!