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Submitted by Shacks 877d ago | opinion piece

Should Nintendo plan for a WII-U Two?

While Microsoft and Sony debate whose teraflops are bigger, we wonder where Nintendo falls in the race for gamers’ hearts and minds. With all the shiny graphics: complex AI, mo-cap, and physics we have this generation; Nintendo’s next generation console is still fighting for market shares with previous generation’s consoles almost one year in. How can Nintendo compete with a PS4 and Xbox 1 whose graphical and computational abilities outpace their system by a significant margin? (Wii U)

Neonridr  +   877d ago
How can they? Easy, by not solely focusing on graphics and horsepower. An ugly game can still be fun and a pretty game can still be garbage. Graphics, while important in telling a story, are not at a point on the Wii U where the message will be lost or anything. The Wii U is still more than capable of putting out some impressive visuals - MORE than enough to convey the message of the game being played.

Gameplay is the ultimate focal point, something which Nintendo still seems to understand.
iamnsuperman  +   877d ago
"Gameplay is the ultimate focal point, something which Nintendo still seems to understand."

That is rubbish for one reason. It is actually about what the market wants and how the companies appeal to it

They have completely misjudged the market (which is really the focal point). They have developed a system that isn't such a huge leap over current gen systems but added a very limited tablet controller (which, aside from a few titles/first parties, games do not use to any real degree). Nintendo hasn't thought out the long game. You need your system to be powerful to survive 5-7 years without limitation (i.e its competitors can do more in physics, performance and other things that affect gameplay. Not all about graphics when it comes to power).

The tablet part of the controller isn't the seller they thought it would be. It doesn't matter if they think gameplay is better over raw power, it is up to what the market thinks (that is the focal point the other two companies have understood to some degree. Microsoft took some time getting there but in the end they have adapted)

At the moment the market really doesn't think much of the Wii U (judging by the sales)
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Neonridr  +   877d ago
Since you seem to not understand my comment I will explain further. I am speaking specifically about Nintendo 1st party games, not their consoles. I was merely stating that Nintendo doesn't rely on graphics to sell their games. We all know that Nintendo has a more child friendly color palette when it comes to their in house games, so clearly the focus for them isn't how many polygons they can squeeze on the screen at once but how they can envelop the player and immerse them into the game world.

Yes there are other things that help sell the story, but graphics is a much smaller piece of the pie compared to a compelling story and fun game mechanics. While more powerful machines will allow developers to utilize more physics and create larger game worlds, the Wii U will still be able to put together a very polished package - if the PS3 and 360 games that are releasing now are any indication.

If it was all about horsepower and graphics then explain to me why the 3DS outsells the Vita continually on a 4:1 basis? Clearly the games are speaking for themselves, not to mention a couple of powerhouse exclusives thrown into the mix.
Gamingsince75   877d ago | Spam
dp277407  +   877d ago
What if they release something that's like super powered, they could call it the Super WIIU or the Super Nintendo but nevermind thats not what they do right?
LOL_WUT  +   877d ago
Super Wii U? I wouldn't mind and who cares if that's not what they do the way they are thinking now is the same reason why their console isn't selling. Roll with the changes! ;)
Yep  +   877d ago
You honestly think they aren't already planning for the 9th generation?

It's just not going to come as soon.
PopRocks359  +   877d ago
No. This is their console and as long as they are making games for it they need to commit. Besides, regardless of however lowly it sells it will probably ultimately be profitable, same as the Gamecube. Unless it was much of a failure as the Virtual Boy, Nintendo has no reason abandoning this model in favor a stronger one.

Also splitting an already small install base is NOT a good idea.
Concertoine  +   877d ago
To suggest nintendo to make a new console after a mere year of sub-par sales is simply ridiculous. That is a stupid idea that destroys reputation, turns off gamers, and kills off any hope for the next system. Anyone who recommends such a detrimental act, knows next to nothing about how buisiness works, or the history of gaming as a whole.
PopRocks359  +   877d ago
Or they are consciously aware of the negative ramifications and they are trolling. But with this community you can never tell. Also it's me. Sometimes I get disagrees for no reason at all lol.

Let people think what they want. If they want a stronger Nintendo console, they will have to wait at least another four years as far as I can figure.
gpturbo81  +   876d ago
not to mention the ridiculous amount of money that would be wasted ..
Xof  +   877d ago
Anyone who thinks Nintendo is going to release a new home console any time soon is seriously delusional. They're still struggling to meet the demands of current-generation game development, no way in hell do they have to resources or will to attempt another jump any time soon.
Klad  +   877d ago
erm... i don't know about significant margin, this aint Wii verses PS3 & Xbox 360. this is Wii U Vs PS4 & Xbox One. the graphical difference will not be as noticeable as it was before. Wii U is already pushing 1080p 60fps games, which is good enough!! no games have been confirmed on PS4 & XBox One to be pushing 1080p 60fps yet.

People seem to forget about the Zelda REALTIME demo at E3, which looks as good as any PS4 & Xbox One game shown so far!
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Neonridr  +   877d ago
okay let's not jump off a bridge here. While the Wii U does have some games that run at 1080p/60fps they are in now way as complex as games like Killzone or Battlefield.

I completely agree that the differences will be much less noticeable this time around. Last gen we were comparing HD to SD. This time around it will be 1080p vs 1080p with larger game worlds or more polys per character, or more lighting effects / better textures.

The Wii U will be fine.
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jhoward585  +   877d ago
Yeah.. the Zelda REALTIME demo did not have AI, no game play mechanic, the camera angle were prescript, one enemy(spider) on screen, etc.

That my friends means the Wii U hardware was not even breaking a sweat.
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PopRocks359  +   877d ago
Your comment is slightly inaccurate. The camera and demo were both in real time. Go look it up on YouTube. Certain videos of it show people slightly shifting the camera around and even instantly changing the lighting from day to night and back again. It was also producing the imagery twice over on the TV and gamepad.
Neonridr  +   876d ago
The camera could be manipulated, not to mention that the day/night cycle could be changed in an instant. That is nothing that is pre-rendered. Everything was still done in engine and on the fly. Did you see the number of reflections going on screen, the bats that were all over the upper ceiling structure? All the light sources from all the torches? The only thing that demo proved was that the Wii U can pump out some serious stuff when properly utilized.
PopRocks359  +   876d ago
@disagrees to me and Neonridr

You people are largely uninformed and/or incredibly stupid.

There's the proof, right there. All real time and demonstrated right there. Please refute this.
amuadiv  +   877d ago
No point in releasing a new console if your problem with the current one is lackof first party games that people want. When I seen the tech demo for zelda I was excited to get a wii u but nowits more of a waiting game for Nintendo fans .
AKR  +   877d ago
No, they shouldn't. They don't have too. Just because it's the weakest doesn't make it a failure:

SEGA Master System < NES
Neo Geo < SNES
N64 < PS1
PS3 < Wii

You can even look at 3DS vs. Vita and call it day...

Just because Wii U is off too a slow start doesn't doom it. By that logic ~ Sony should scrap the Vita and they also should have scrapped the PS3. Nintendo should have also scrapped the 3DS. But they didn't. Why? Because every console has launch pains. Wii U has gotten the epicenter of the hit - but that doesn't count it out automatically.

After what Nintendo did with the 3DS ~ which now has it sitting tall and pretty at number 1 on charts month after month, you have to be extremely delusional too count the Wii U out before the first-party, heavy-hitters are launched.
AWBrawler  +   877d ago
wishful thinking of NintenHaters
jhoward585  +   877d ago

U right, the Zelda demo camera angle was slightly controllable in real time.

But Noticed you said slightly though.
Reeze  +   876d ago
It's too soon to write off the Wii U, and MUCH too soon to replace it.
Realplaya  +   876d ago
Nintendo finds themselves sitting in the perfect position. A lot will read that and say ok he's crazy but let me explain. Your system is weaker than others supposedly and your not expected to do much. You have lost 3rd party support and the 3ds is your bread winner. So if your Nintendo what are you to do well you start to make games that show of the abilities of your console, You Market the hell out of the system. People who are young may not know that Nintendo has never been one to lay all their cards on the table they will typically hold off on announcements of games and then they will delay the game to perfect it. Couple that with the fact that they have never made a game in HD in over 30 plus years and they still will be the first to have consistant games running at 1080/60FPS. Here is an excerpt from a interview that the translation isn't perfect on.
“New consoles have always produced better graphics, but the work required may not be related to customer satisfaction. There are more unannounced Wii U titles coming by 2014. There was more info than could be released at E3. Wanted to ease owners’ fears. Don’t want to leave a long gap between announcement/release of new game types that would lessen the impact or allow competitors to copy.”

The second portion of Iwata’s answer focused more on the topic of surprising players:

“Nintendo has the job of both introducing video games to people who’ve never played before as well as satisfying existing fans. Looking for ways to surprise customers in other ways than just creating pretty graphics.”
jhoward585  +   876d ago

Well ok, I'll give you that, the Zelda Demo did have some cool lighting effects, reflections, refraction, etc.

But my point is, I was pointing out only the things that would hog up most of the Wii U's hardware performance....Like physics, AI, play mechanic, multiply enemy on screen, fully functional camera angles, etc.

Had Nintendo added any of these features I stated above, the Zelda DEMO wouldn't have looked as good as it did at e3 2011.
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lilbroRx  +   876d ago
Not this garbage again...

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